Operational Plan for Liaison Coordinator

Bylaws description

According to our section's Bylaws, the Liaison Coordinator is a member of the Executive Committee. Additionally, the Bylaws indicate that The Liaison Coordinator shall be responsible for passing on to all Section liaisons messages intended for all Section members and shall work with the national office to recruit liaisons for all Iowa's institutions.

Time line for tasks

Today is Saturday, 4 December 2021. This timeline assumes that the next meeting is scheduled to be on 8 October 2021 and the last meeting was on 23 October 2020. (Note that next meeting date may not be yet set and the default date of 1 Oct is being used.) If you are on the executive committee and you are reviewing the operational plan for your office, you may interested in editing/modifying what you see here.

  1. September-October [Target date: September]
    1. Communicate with all the current liaisons to see if they are willing to continue their role for another year. If not, determine whether they can nominate someone else from their department (and then follow up to see if that person really is willing). To communicate, use the following URL: individual/liaisonEmails
    2. If an institution needs an update of a liaison, use this page: institution/assignLiaison
    3. From the Institutions page, note which institutions (groups) are missing a liaison. Try to fill the missing positions. Start by seeing who we have in the section already at this institution. Use the url at the end of this to do so. At this page, type in box under the Institution some part of the name and enter. This will show all people in database from there. individual/indexExec
    4. Investigate groups ("institutions" starting with # - retired, high schools, business/industry/government, and none) and try to assign liaisons to each group. Proceed as in previous step.
  2. As items are received from the MAA national office [Target date: 8 October 2021]
    1. Forward all messages and requests from the MAA national office using the Mailing page or build a distribution list gathered from list of emails found here: individual/liaisonEmails