Operational Plan for Database Master

Bylaws description

There is no mention of this position in the Bylaws.

Time line for tasks

Today is Saturday, 4 December 2021. This timeline assumes that the next meeting is scheduled to be on 8 October 2021 and the last meeting was on 23 October 2020. (Note that next meeting date may not be yet set and the default date of 1 Oct is being used.) If you are on the executive committee and you are reviewing the operational plan for your office, you may interested in editing/modifying what you see here.

  1. Shortly following the Section meeting [Target date: 28 October 2020]
    1. Add information about the upcoming year, including who holds what offices, where the meeting is located, and who is the main speaker. See DatabaseMasterTools.asp to perform this operation. (If not all of this is known yet, it can later be edited to reflect new changes.)
    2. Duplicate the last years folder (directory) within the Meetings directory. Rename it to the upcoming year (following the same naming convention).
    3. Some of the files in this new directory may have the year embedded in the file name. Increase this by one to reflect the upcoming year. (Or better, see if reasonable to remove year since year name is in directory.)
    4. Remove any files that seemed to be only relevant to that current year (such as maps to the location or downloadable items for the year).
    5. Update the names, photo file names, and term of the positions in the position database table http://sections.maa.org/iowa/db/index.php/position/admin
    6. Go to the index.php file in the current year's directory. Change the value of the variable curyear (at the very top of page) to reflect the upcoming year. This should automatically update all the information on this new page to reflect the upcoming meeting. Comment out any information specific to the previous year (so that Secretary can see former content). [Check if this is still needed. ]
  2. A Month or Two AFTER the meeting [Target date: 23 December 2020]
    1. When information is ready from the Chair-Elect, add in details concerning the dates and main speaker(s) into the Meetings page. meeting/admin
    2. Review the information and dates of the upcoming meeting and update any changes. In particular, make sure the dates are correct.