Operational Plan for Competition Coordinator

Bylaws description

According to our section's Bylaws, the Competition Coordinator is a member of the Executive Committee. Additionally, the Bylaws indicate that The Competition Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing (set date and location(s), work closely with local organizer) the annual competition; work closely with a problem writer to ensure error-free competition problems and solutions (the author will be paid a writing fee out of the competition fund); manage team registration and supervise grading of the results.

Time line for tasks

Today is Saturday, 4 December 2021. This timeline assumes that the next meeting is scheduled to be on 8 October 2021 and the last meeting was on 23 October 2020. (Note that next meeting date may not be yet set and the default date of 1 Oct is being used.) If you are on the executive committee and you are reviewing the operational plan for your office, you may interested in editing/modifying what you see here.

  1. April/May [Target date: April]
    1. Contact potential problem writers for next year's competition. State the honorarium we are offering for problems & solutions ($425 in 05 & 06). Make it clear that we will do our own grading. When a writer is found, give a deadline for when a first draft of the problems is needed (Dec?).
  2. November [Target date: November]
    1. Set a date for the spring competition on a Saturday at the end of February or early March. Find a hosting institution (perhaps last year's winner?) that can provide a big meeting room and 25-30 individual rooms for teams.
    2. Send a friendly reminder to the competition writer.
    3. Announce the date and location: give a deadline for when the teams are to be signed up (~1 week before competition), remind them of $5 per team registration fee and that they are expected to pay for their students' lunch. Have information put up on Iowa MAA web site and distributed to liaisons, and e-mail this info to all of last year's participants.
  3. December/January [Target date: December]
    1. Work through the proposed competition problems. Try to find a proof-reading helper (maybe former students who loved going to the competition or other faculty).
  4. Late January (or earlier) [Target date: January]
    1. Contact problem writer with suggested changes to problems.
  5. Early Feb [Target date: February]
    1. Receive electronic file of questions and file of solutions. Proof read one more time. Have Iowa MAA treasurer send honorarium to problem writer.
  6. Late February, one week before exam [Target date: February]
    1. Send e-mail reminder to participants.
    2. Try to get good count of number of teams and make sure enough rooms are reserved at host institution. Numbers will still fluctuate!
    3. Remind faculty to bring paper for their teams.
    4. Ask trophy holder to bring the trophy along.
    5. Xerox problems, putting 3 in each envelope, with theteam number on it, as well as room location.
    6. Copy solutions to be handed out after exam (one per team). Receipt for copying costs can be submitted to Iowa MAA treasurer.
    7. E-mail file of questions to web coordinator to be put up in real-time, in case a team can not travel to the competition.
    8. Prepare sign-up sheet for each team, to be handed in with solutions. (This will be the only way to match a team number back to a team name).
    9. Prepare receipts for faculty: $5 per team, check payable to Iowa MAA.
    10. Prepare grading sheet for faculty.
  7. On day of Competition [Target date: 8 October 2021]
    1. Run the show or delegate.
    2. The point of having everyone travel to a common location (there could also be 2 sites) is to have some interaction among these math majors. Show them that others enjoy math too. Try to coordinate some fun activity for an hour, or so, before the exam.
    3. At competition time, send teams off with envelopes containing exam and team number. Instruct them to be back after 3 hours, to put each problem's solution on a separate sheet, include team number (from envelope) on each paper, but no names.
    4. While students are busy, collect registration fee from faculty (send to Iowa MAA treasurer).
    5. Give faculty time to look over the problems and the solutions and have faculty sign up for grading.
    6. Briefly discuss grading: 10 points each, give partial credit were warranted.
    7. Organize hand-in procedure: sort by problem number so each grader can take home a pile. Hold on to registration sheets!
  8. Over next 2 weeks [Target date: 8 October 2021]
    1. Collect graded results as they arrive (mostly by e-mail) and put them all into a spread sheet. Ask graders to hold on to the exams for a couple of months and then discard.
  9. 2 weeks after exam [Target date: 8 October 2021]
    1. Send spread sheet with team numbers and scores to all graders. Ask them to check if their grading was recorded correctly.
    2. After verification, order spreadsheet by highest score, reveal names and affiliation of highest scoring teams (top half, or so), and e-mail to all participants. Send info on team number of lower scoring teams to individual adviser.
    3. Have results put on Iowa MAA web site and, if possible, announce results at Spring section meeting.
    4. Hand trophy over to winning institution at section meeting, arrange for engraving on plaque (could mail the plate to ISU?).