Iowa Section of the MAA

Business Meeting

Saturday, October 10, 2009

University of Northern Iowa


Larry Naylor (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


1.      Welcome and Introduction of first-time participants. There were 2 new participants.

2.      Approval of last yearŐs minutes: Hibbard moved, Hitchman seconded.  Approved without changes.

3.      Berger reported on the Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition, held Feb. 28, 2009, at Iowa State University.  The teams played games and interacted during the ŇFun hourÓ before the contest started. Thirty nine teams from ten institutions participated; Grinnell won and will host the Competition next year. Berger asked that schools alert her to their institutionŐs spring break dates so that the same schools are not eliminated each year by conflict with spring break.

4.      Shuman presented the TreasurerŐs report. The Section is healthy financially. She urged participants to buy books.

5.      Van Niewaal made his final report as Section Governor: The MAA national office will hold the election for a new Governor early next year. The MAA is financially strong due to a moderately conservative investment strategy and careful attention to cost-saving measures, especially in the last  year. Specifically, Focus will be published 6 not 9 times per year, elections are being conducted electronically, and electronic membership is a new option for 2010, with an option still available for print journals. Student memberships will be changed to electronic memberships during the next year, Departments can still purchase print copies of journals in bulk.

Haack was asked to report on his participation in Capitol Hill Visit Day. Haack reported that he received good preparation (briefing and printed materials) for his visit with the Iowa Congressional delegation. The purpose was to discuss the impact of federal funding on Mathematics and Science. Haack reported that it was a great professional learning experience for him and urged others to be open to the possibility of becoming involved in such opportunities.

         Van Niewaal said the MAA is seeking names for committee membership: contact him if you are interested in serving. Strategic planning is ongoing for sections, involving STEM issues, joint meetings with other sections or organizations, rethinking the purpose of sections, etc.. MathFest 2009 was held in Portland, OR and reported both record attendance (1450) and record heat. The Joint Mathematical meetings will be held in San Francisco, CA, Jan 13 – 16, 2010. The 2010 Mathfest will be in Pittsburg, PA.

6.      New officer Election: Candidates for Treasurer were Sergio Loch (Grand View University) and Scott Searcy (Waldorf College). Candidates for Chair-Elect were Jon White (Coe College) and Russ Goodman (Central College). Jon White was elected Chair-Elect and Scott Searcy was elected Treasurer.

7.      Presentation of 25 year and 50 year memberships:  Naylor presented certificates to:

         A.M. Fink – Iowa State University : years

         Timothy J. Robertson    University of Iowa: 50 years

         George C. Nelson, University of Iowa: 25 years

8.      Outstanding Teaching Award: Naylor presented the award to Jon White, Coe College.  White will be the Iowa section nominee for the Haimo award.

9.      Report on Midwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium (MUMS). 65 students presented and 90 attended.  A student travel stipend is available. White suggested that students be sent as sophomores to get them excited about research and independent study projects.  The next MUMS will be April 9 – 10, 2010 at Simpson College.

10.    Project NExT report: There are 3 new Iowa NExT members and the NExT group met on Friday before the Section meeting started. Institutions were urged to encourage their new hires to apply.

11.    Other announcements about the MAA study tour, the Section Meritorious service award in 2009 – 10, grants available from the MAA for regional undergraduate Math conferences or national REUs or Tensor grants encourage minorities and women in math and finally a special membership price for attendees at the meeting.

12.    Details were given on lunch places near campus before adjournment.


Respectfully submitted,

Bernadette M Baker

IA MAA Section Secretary