Iowa Section of the MAA

Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Simpson College


Present:  Ruth Berger (Competition Chair), Mariah Birgen (Past-Chair), Carl Cowen (MAA representative), Al Hibbard (Information Direction), Theron Hitchman (candidate for Vice-Chair Elect), Monica Meissen (Liaison Coordinator), Larry Naylor (Vice-Chair), Scott Searcy (candidate for Vice-Chair Elect), Karen Shuman (Treasurer), Cal Van Niewaal (Governor), Murphy Waggoner (Vice-Chair Elect), Wendy Weber (Secretary)


Johnston called the meeting to order at 7:05am.


  1. Introductions and welcome to visitors.
  2. Johnston extended the thanks of the Section to Weber for serving as Secretary for six years.
  3. Middle/High School Outreach. 
    1. Discussion of recognizing students selected to the US Olympiad.  This year six students were from Iowa.  One suggestion was to invite these students to MUMS or to the Section meeting in the fall to recognize their accomplishment and to hear undergraduate talks. Johnston will take on the responsibility of recognizing these students with a certificate and an MAA book from our collection. 
    2. Liaisons will be used to send Section information to part-time faculty at 4 year schools that also teach at 2 year colleges.  Birgen will send a reminder to Meissen when the ICTM calls for papers to encourage Section members to present and to use this meeting as an opportunity to advertise events in the Section.
  4. Operational Plans for Section Officers.  Hibbard encouraged all to regularly do updates and send them to him.
  5. Upcoming elections, opportunities.
    1. 2009/10, Election of Section Governor
    2. 2010, Nominations for Certificates of Meritorious Service.
  6. Discussion of honorarium for invited speaker (who is not the MAA rep) at Section Meeting.  The possibility of having two plenary talks on Saturday was discussed.  Possible speakers could be the past recipient of the Section Teaching Award or other members of the Section. 
  7. Moving the Section Meeting to the fall.
    1. In fall 2009 we will have a Polya speaker (Johnston received written permission from the national office since our next meeting will not be until fall 2009); George Andrews is a possibility.
    2. Operational Plans need to be updated.
    3. Teaching award needs to be announced before the GovernorÕs Meeting in the summer.
    4. The Executive Committee should meet in spring 2009 (perhaps at MUMS or the Iowa Collegiate Math Competition) to discuss progress of planning meeting for fall 2009.
  8. Remarks by Carl Cowen.  The Iowa Section has a good reputation in the MAA.  The Carriage House is complete and being used.  MAA is looking to extend membership to Europe.  The MAA budget is fine.
  9. Report on Competition.  There were 21 teams and 10 colleges.  Berger will encourage representatives to contact her in the fall with their spring break schedules to try to avoid continually having the Competition during the same schoolÕs break.
  10. Other Business.
    1. Van Niewaal reported that Gallian, MAA President, has challenged all Sections to buy a brick ($303) at the Carriage House.  He will make the appropriate motion for the Iowa Section to do so during the Business Meeting today.
    2. Weber will be sending out a request for a representative at Math Fest after the Meeting.
    3. Weber and Van Niewaal reported that they will be happy to submit recommendations to the MAA for committee service.
    4. Participation in this yearÕs Section NExT enhanced the Meeting; they welcomed six new members.
  11. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00am.


Respectfully submitted,

Wendy A. Weber




These minutes were approved by the Executive Committee via email 5-12-08.