Iowa Section of the MAA

Business Meeting

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Simpson College


Elgin Johnston (Chair) called the meeting to order at 11:25am.


1.       Welcome and introduction of first-time participants.  There were approximately 15 first-time participants.

2.       Approval of last year's Minutes.

3.       Election for Vice-Chair Elect and Secretary.  Theron (TJ) Hitchman (UNI) was elected Vice-Chair Elect and Bernadette Baker (Drake) was elected Secretary.

4.       Presentation of Iowa Mathematics Competition trophy.  Berger presented the trophy to Iowa Sate University.  Berger encouraged school representatives to contact her with their spring break schedules so as to avoid having the Competition during the same school’s spring break every year.

5.       MAA Strategic Planning and "Dot Activity."  The activity is part of a larger review of sections.  Johnston reiterated the directions for the Activity and announced that on person would receive a book from our collection for signing the back of the sheet of dots and returning it to Weber at the registration desk.  (Following the Business Meeting, Karen Heidenreich’s name was drawn.)

6.       Treasurer's Report. Shuman encouraged meeting participants to buy books.

7.       Discussion of November vote on move of meeting time.  Johnston reminded all of the vote to move Section meetings to the fall: 

·          Should the Iowa Section annual meeting be held in the Fall rather than in the Spring?  (Note we WILL have our April 2008 meeting.  This question concerns subsequent meetings.) Yes: 18; No: 7.

·          If the motion in 1. passes, then should we have the subsequent meeting in Fall 2008 (about 6 months after the April 2008 meeting), or in Fall 2009?  Fall 2008:  11;  Fall 2009: 13.

Discussion followed concerning the low response rate as well as what the move to fall means in terms of the participation of students in the meeting. 

8.       Report on Sections Chairs meeting, January 2008.  Waggoner reported that the discussion centered on the relationship between the national office and the sections.

9.       Governor's Report.  Van Niewaal summarized highlights from 2007-2008.  Of particular note was the MAA’s efforts to publish more books that can be used as textbooks, to increase membership, a new resource for undergraduates seeking jobs:, the Halmos matching fund, and the River of Bricks at the Carriage House.

10.  Presentation of 25/50 years of membership.  Johnston presented certificates to

·          Stephen Murdock, Graceland University: 25 years

·          George Nelson, University of Iowa: 25 years

·          William Waltmann, Wartburg College: 50 years

·          John Warner: 50 years

11.  Outstanding Teacher Award.  Johnston presented the award to Lynn Olson, Wartburg College.

12.  Van Niewaal moved that the Section purchase a brick for the River of Bricks at the Carriage House.  The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

13.  The Midwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium.  Waggoner gave brief statistics of the symposium and reminded everyone that students can also present on independent work, not just research.

14.  General Announcements.

    1. Iowa NExT had good participation and contributed to the meeting.
    2. Goodman requested that the Executive Committee look into the process involved in having a mini-course at the Section Meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 12:45pm



Respectfully submitted,

Wendy A. Weber