Rationale for the proposed modifications to the Bylaws

Motion: Modify the bylaws as reflected in BylawsProposed.php. (Additions are in larger red font and deletions are indicated by striking through blue italicized text.)

A rationale is given by article and section.

Article I, Section 2: There is no longer a section 1 in Article II, so remove reference to it.

Article III, Section 4: As per our discussion at our last business meeting, there seemed to be consensus to remove references to our annual meeting to be specifically in the spring, thus allowing us to consider it being in the fall, if this would be beneficial. Therefore, remove the reference "in the Spring".

Article IV, Section 1: Removal of "in the Spring of each year" is justified above.

Article IV, Sections 1-4: Since the annual meeting and the special meeting are not formally defined, there does not appear to be a need to capitalize these terms.

Article V, Section 1: Removing "spring" here is justified above.

Article VII, Section 1: Similar explanation as in Article IV, Sections 1-4.