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Fall meeting of the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012

Butler University


Printable Poster for this event: PDF

Preliminary schedule of meeting: PDF linkPDF (updated Oct. 25)

List of Abstracts: PDF link PDF

Tickets for Saturday Lunch are available during on-line early registration, which is open through Sunday, Oct. 21. (See the Announcement page for information on by-mail pre-registration.) After Oct. 21, subject to our cancellation policy, some lunch tickets may become available at the registration desk Saturday morning.

Lunch Menu: Lunch will be in the Ford Salon in the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall, which is a short walk from Gallahue. Our buffet will be the Deli Express catered by Butler -- Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham & Genoa Salami served with Swiss, American & Muenster Cheeses; Leaf Lettuce, Sliced Tomatoes & Pickles, with Assorted Baked Breads & Rolls. Also includes Choice of 2 Salads: Garden Salad and Pasta Salad, Assorted Cold Beverages, and dessert.

Call for Papers NOW CLOSED.
Web-based registration (via NOW CLOSED
. There will also be on-site registration at the check-in table.

Invited Talks

Paul Zorn

Paul is the current MAA president and mathematics professor at St Olaf College.

Picturing Analysis

Abstract: "Thinking in pictures" is standard operating procedure in teaching and learning geometry, graph theory, elementary calculus, and other visually rich areas of mathematics. Less obvious, but no less valuable, are visual insights into key ideas and theorems from real and complex analysis. It's one thing to know what, say, differentiability and integrability mean, but how do they look? How do poles and essential singularities of complex functions look in color? Can countability be seen? I'll give examples and suggest implications for better teaching, learning, and understanding.


Sam Wagstaff

Department of Computer Science, Purdue West Lafayette.

The Search for Aurifeuillian-Like Factorizations in the Cunningham Tables

We describe the Cunningham tables (they list factors of numbers bn ± 1) and tell how we searched through them for new algebraic factorizations similar to those discovered by Aurifeuille. A naive search would have been too slow. We accelerated it enough to make it feasible. Many interesting results were found.


Indiana Project NExT Panel Session:

Inquiry Based Learning

Mindy Capaldi (Valparaiso University)
Dana Ernst (Northern Arizona University)
Robert Talbert (Grand Valley State University)

Moderator: Stacy Hoehn (Franklin College)

We will discuss inquiry based learning, inverted classroom models, peer instruction, and other alternatives to lecture-based instruction. Panelists will give a brief intro of their experience in these areas, followed by an extended time of Q&A with the audience. This panel is open to all meeting participants.


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