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Fall meeting of the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America

Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011

University of Indianapolis


Printable Poster for this event: PDF

Preliminary schedule of meeting: Word .doc doc PDF linkPDF (updated Oct. 19)

Preliminary List of Abstracts PDF (updated Oct. 17)

Tickets for Saturday Lunch were available during on-line early registration, which is now closed. Subject to our cancellation policy, some became available at the registration desk Saturday morning.

Lunch Menu: "Italian Buffet" - including salad, pasta and lasagna with vegetarian options, vegetables, bread sticks, dessert, beverage.

Call for Papers NOW CLOSED.
Web-based registration (via NOW CLOSED.

Invited Talk - MAA Pólya Lecturer

Jeffrey Lagarias, University of Michigan

Packing space with regular tetrahedra


The problem of determining the densest packing of space by congruent regular tetrahedra has a long history, starting with Aristotle's assertion that regular tetrahedra fill space, and continuing through its appearance in Hilbert's 18th problem. This talk describes its history and many recent results obtained on this problem including contributions by physicists, chemists, and materials scientists. The current record for packing density is held by my former student Elizabeth Chen, with Michael Engel and Sharon Glotzer.


Indiana Project NExT Panel Discussion

Panelists: Dan Callon, Franklin College; Melissa Desjarlais, Valparaiso University; David Housman, Goshen College

Writing Projects in Mathematics Courses

The panelists will discuss their perspectives and experiences regarding writing and exploratory projects in mathematics courses. The panelists will each speak, followed by a lengthy question-and-answer session. All topics regarding writing projects are fair game for discussion. (*Attendance at three Project NExT panels will allow audience members the option of joining Indiana NExT.)


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