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[Name and Purpose] [Membership] [Officers] [Meetings] [Finances] [Committees] [Amendments]

ARTICLE I: Name and Purpose

  1. The name of this Section shall be the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).
  2. The purpose of the Indiana Section shall be to advance the mathematical sciences, especially at the collegiate level, and to promote purposes of the MAA within the territory defined in Article II below.  In particular, the Section shall provide professional development and networking activities for section members and mathematics students; promote discussion and action on issues affecting mathematics teaching, learning, and research; and offer guidance to the MAA as it forms and fulfills its mission.

ARTICLE II: Membership

  1. The membership of the Indiana Section shall include
    1. any member of the MAA whose mailing address is in the state of Indiana, including Zip Codes 46000 through 47999, unless the MAA has notified the Section otherwise, and
    2. any member of the MAA whose mailing address is not in the state of Indiana and who has become a member of this Section either by petitioning the MAA Board of Governors for reassignment in accordance with Article VI of the Bylaws of the MAA or by other declaration of the national organization.


  1. The  officers of this Section shall be a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.
  2. This Section shall have an  Executive Board of which the regular members shall be the officers of the Section, the immediate past Chair, the Section Governor, the Student Activities Coordinator, and the Public Information Officer.
  3. Each member of the Executive Board must be a member of the MAA and of this Section.
  4. The officers of this Section shall be elected at its annual business meeting. The terms of office of the Chair and the Vice-Chair shall be one year. The Vice-Chair shall be considered the Chair-elect. The Treasurer and Secretary shall each serve a three-year term, which may be extended annually thereafter by the Section at its annual business meeting. Terms of office shall begin on June 1.
  5. Candidates for Section officers shall be  nominated by a committee appointed for this purpose by the Chair, with provision for further nominations from the floor at the annual business meeting. Terms of office shall begin on June 1.
  6. The Student Activities Coordinator and the Public Information Officer shall be appointed by the Section Chair to serve three-year terms.
  7. The duties of the Section officers shall be as follows:
    1. The  Chair shall
      1. preside at meetings of the Section and meetings of the Executive Board, and have general charge to conduct affairs of the Section,
      2. create and appoint committees of the Section and be an ex officio member of each such committee unless specifically barred by vote of the membership at a business meeting,
      3. be responsible with the Vice-Chair for the planning of programs of Section meetings,
      4. devote time to the larger issues of the section and the development or enhancement of programs to better serve section members, and
      5. delegate tasks and authority, subject to Board review, to encourage increased member involvement and to provide sufficient time to carry out all duties.
    2. The  Vice-Chair shall
      1. assist the Chair in execution of the affairs of the Section and perform the duties of the Chair in that officer's absence, and
      2. be responsible with the Chair for the planning of programs of Section meetings .
    3. The  Treasurer shall
      1. be custodian of the financial records of the Section,
      2. collect contributions from the members and from the MAA,
      3. keep the funds of the Section, pay bills, and maintain careful records of income and expenses,
      4. report on the state of the treasury at the annual business meeting,
      5. be empowered to spend Section funds on behalf of the Section membership
      6. report to the Executive Board on the income and expenses of designated section activities, and
      7. submit annual financial reports to the MAA as requested.
    4. The Secretary shall
      1. keep minutes of business meetings of the Section and meetings of the Executive Board,
      2. be custodian of the non-financial records of the Section,
      3. notify members of all meetings of the Section,
      4. conduct the official correspondence of the Section, and
      5. submit regular reports to the MAA as requested.
  8. The duties of other members of the Executive Board shall be as follows:
    1. The past Chair shall
      1. devote time to the larger issues of the section and the development or enhancement of programs to better serve section members.
    2. The Public Information Officer shall
      1. provide open and easily accessible methods for members and the general public to know about the goals and activities of the section.
    3. The Student Activities Coordinator shall
      1. coordinate section activities that involve students at any level.
  9. The Executive Board shall conduct the affairs of the Section between meetings of the Section.
  10. Meetings of the Executive Board are open to all Section members.
  11. In case of a vacancy in a position, other than Section Governor, on the Executive Board, that Board shall appoint a replacement to serve until the next opportunity for an appointment by the Chair or the next meeting at which an election by the membership is held, whichever action is appropriate. The Board of Governors of the MAA shall select a replacement to complete an unexpired term of the Section Governor should a vacancy occur in this position.

ARTICLE IV: Meetings

  1. The Section shall hold an annual meeting each spring.
  2. Additional meetings (including a fall meeting) may be scheduled either by the Executive Board or upon petition by 25 members of the Section.
  3. The program of meetings shall be planned by the Chair and Vice-Chair or an appointed Program Chair or Program Committee.  An individual jointly designated by the host institution and the Chair shall make the logistical arrangements in consultation with the Chair.
  4. Each member of the Section shall be  notified in writing at least fifteen days in advance of any meeting of the Section. This notice may take the form of an announcement in the Section Newsletter.
  5. A quorum for a business meeting shall consist of not fewer than 12 members of the Section and no business may be validly transacted at meetings where less than a quorum is present.

ARTICLE V: Finances

  1. Registration fees shall be charged of all non-student attendees of the meetings of the Section in amounts set by the Executive Board.
  2. The Section Treasurer is authorized to  solicit contributions from members of the Section. Through coordination with the MAA and with the authorization of the Section Executive Board , the section may periodically solicit contributions from other sources.
  3. The assets of this Section shall be  used exclusively to further the purposes of the Section. In the event of the dissolution of the Section the remaining assets will be turned over to the MAA to be used for purposes consistent with the Bylaws of that organization .

ARTICLE VI: Committees

  1. The Nominating Committee consists of at least three members appointed by the Chair for rotating three year terms and shall provide nominations for Section officers and Governor.
  2. Other committee and auxiliary positions (committees of one) may be created and filled by the Executive Board or the Chair.  Traditionally, the Chair has appointed a Newsletter Editor to assist the Secretary and Public Information Officer, a Historian, and the Indiana State Director for the American Mathematics Competition.

ARTICLE VII: Amendments

  1. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular or special meeting of the Section, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors of the MAA.
  2. Every member of the Section shall be notified of a proposed amendment at least fifteen days prior to the time of voting.

Bylaws amended 8 October 1994, 4 November 1995, 5 October 2002, and 24 March 2012. 


These Bylaws can be downloaded in Word word or PDF PDF format. The previous version (2011) is available in html format.

Comments? Email the Public Information Officer.
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