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Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America
Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics

Citation to

Haseeb Kazi

The Indiana Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of Section members who have been identified as extraordinary teachers in the mathematical sciences and whose teaching effectiveness has been shown to have had influence beyond their own institutions. This year’s recipient possesses impressive record of growth and recognition as an educator, scholar, program director, and faculty president. He equally enjoys face-to-face, blended, and online modes of instruction. Together with the new course development including the capstone course in mathematics, he is actively involved in student advisement and undergraduate research. He advises multiple student organizations including a student chapter of the MAA. He has been helping his students in securing study, job, and internship opportunities in the USA and abroad, and has been pivotal in coordinating various study and exchange agreements with foreign institutions. His willingness to go the extra mile has been recognized via prestigious institutional awards for excellence in both teaching and scholarship. He grew up with his love for learning, and respect for teachers alike, and today he represents fourth generation of his family in academia. His teaching career has been developing over the past two decades, and so did his passion for becoming a better teacher and a wisdom seeker. Together with several years of teaching in the USA and abroad, he humbly and silently continues to explore further boundaries of finer excellence. An appropriate way to recognize our today’s recipient would be citing some from what his students, peers and superiors have shared about him.

A student noted: Dr. ‘X’ is one of the few instructors whom I feel genuinely respects his students as fellow intellectuals. He is kind and fair, and it was clear from the first day that he wanted us all to succeed. Dr. ‘X’ does an excellent job at clearly explaining the material. He explains the roots of each lesson so that the students understand "why" things happen instead of just "how". I wish I was able to take a course with Dr. ‘X’ that focused more on discussion rather than lecture, because he is very intelligent and also very respectful. I will remember Dr. ‘X’ as one of the best teachers I have ever had. The next one stated:  Dr. ‘X’ does a great job at making his students feel like they are learning something in the classroom and are not just memorizing material for an exam. He gives us life lessons and shares experiences that are very knowledgeable and it allows his students to feel comfortable in his classroom. Also he is not afraid to make his students laugh and then laugh with them. It is such a great environment!

A current colleague said: Dr. ‘X’ has been an optimal part of my educational and professional career for the past decade. He started out as my math professor, is currently my colleague, and has remained my personal mentor. His Dean stated him as the embodiment and personification of the spirit of a great teacher, who brings to the classroom a certain aura that is spell binding and he breathes life into math subject matter. His Vice President of Academic Affairs shared: In all my years in academia, I have never seen a more committed student advisor than him.  His office is constantly filled with students not just looking for academic advice but more importantly direction in life!

This year’s Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of   Mathematics goes to Haseeb Kazi  of Trine University.

Read on March 18, 2016 by Robert Merkovsky, Ph.D.- IN-MAA Distinguished Teaching Award Committee Chair                                                           

Robert Merkovsky, Chair, Nominating Committee for Distinguished Teaching Award
Alain Togbe, Section Chair,
Indiana Section of the MAA


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