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Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America
Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching
of Mathematics

Citation to

Johnny E. Brown

The Indiana Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics annually recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of Section members who have been identified as extraordinarily successful teachers in the mathematical sciences and whose teaching effectiveness has been shown to have had influence beyond their own institutions.

This year's recipient is an excellent teacher who has also won his own institution's award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching as well as several other awards for service and teaching more limited in scope. Moreover, he has been successful in teaching every kind of course in the department, from calculus for non-majors, through mid-level courses for majors and non-majors, to advanced analysis courses. He is an annual speaker in his campus's seminars for freshmen and sophomore students designed to inspire students and help them succeed in their college experience.

The "secret" of his success in teaching is his commitment to his students' learning. His students write that he is "enthusiastic about the subject matter" he is teaching, that "he goes the extra step" for them, and that his "enthusiasm ... inspires ... his students".

But his success and contributions go far beyond his campus's borders. He is regularly the face of mathematics in summer programs to increase minority junior high and high school students' interest in math and science. He spends a great deal of his time participating in programs across the nation that encourage students and young faculty, especially African-American students and faculty. At these events, he is both an educator and a role model for the young people in exhorting them to focus on and excel in their study of mathematics and eventually to enter math careers.

This year's recipient is an exemplar of the kind of teacher all of us concerned about our students and the future of mathematics would like to become!

It is my privilege to present this award to Johnny E. Brown, of Purdue University, West Lafayette.

Rick Gillman, Chair
Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America
March 28, 2003


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