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Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America
Distinguished Service Award

Citation to

Dan Maki

The Indiana Section Distinguished Service Award was initiated in 1993 to honor a member of the section by acknowledging his or her extraordinary contributions to the Section and outstanding efforts consistent with the stated purposes of the Mathematical Association of America and the Section, namely, assisting in promoting the interests of, and improving education in, the mathematical sciences in America, especially at the collegiate level.

Among the many Section members deserving such recognition is one individual we honor this evening. He has been one of our most devoted leaders and has always been willing to go the extra mile for the section - literally. Twice during the most recent of his two terms as Section chair he happily agreed to meet the Secretary-Treasurer half way between their two homes to do official business - at the Donut Shop in Bowling Green. As a result, the Section submitted a grant proposal slightly tainted with syrup from fresh pecan rolls: but we got the grant anyway!

This individual is Dan Maki of Indiana University, Bloomington. Since coming to I.U. in the 1960's, Dan has served his department as a superbly effective classroom teacher, assistant department chair, and director of graduate studies. He is a "model" mathematician and a co-author of five books, including one in progress for pre-service teachers. In addition to his terms as vice-chair and chair of this Section, he also served as the Section's Governor from 1987 through 1990.

Congratulations to Dan Maki, the recipient of the 1996 Distinguished Service Award.

Don Miller, Chair
Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America

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