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MAA Conference Pictures

Indiana MAA Meeting Photo page links Video links
Fall 2016: Purdue University West Lafayette Page 1  
Spring 2016: Franklin College Page 1  
Fall 2015: Purdue North Central Page 1  
Spring 2015: Taylor University

Page 1
Page 2

Page 3

Adam Coffman, IPFW, and Andy Rich, Manchester, π/τ Debate (18:37)

Sarah Hinkel, undergraduate student at Grace College, Expected worth of properties from two different perspectives for Panic on Wall Street (17:20)

Fall 2014: Trine University Page 1  
Spring 2014: IPFW Page 1  
Fall 2013: Univ. of
Southern Indiana
Page 1  
Spring 2013: IU East

Page 1
Page 2: ICMC winners

Fall 2012: Butler University Page 1

Derek Thompson,
Board games and finite mathematics

Spring 2012: Ball State U. Page 1  
Fall 2011: U. Indianapolis Page 1  
Spring 2011: Indiana Wesleyan U. Page 1  
Fall 2010: Purdue North Central Page 1  
Spring 2010: Franklin College Page 1  
Fall 2009: Purdue Calumet Page 1  
Spring 2009: IUPUI Page 1  
Fall 2008: Rose-Hulman Page 1  
Spring 2008: St. Mary's College Page 1  
Fall 2007: Manchester College Page 1  

Spring 2006: Taylor University

Page 1  
Spring 2005: IPFW Page 1 Page 2  

Conference participants are invited to electronically submit conference photo pages (or just photos, or links to videos) to the Public Information Officer

Other MAA Events Photo page links
Summer 2015: MathFest, Washington, DC

Page 1
Page 2

Winter 2014: Joint Math. Meetings, Baltimore

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Summer 2013: MathFest, Hartford, CT Page 1
Winter 2013: Joint Math. Meetings, San Diego Page 1
Summer 2012: MathFest, Madison, WI Page 1
Page 2
Winter 2012: Joint Math. Meetings, Boston Page 1
Summer 2011: MathFest, Lexington, KY Page 1
Page 2
Winter 2011: Joint Math. Meetings, New Orleans Page 1
Summer 2010: MathFest, Pittsburgh, PA Page 1
Page 2
Winter 2010: Joint Math. Meetings, San Francisco Page 1
Summer 2008: MathFest, Madison, WI

Page 1 (MAA Focus)PDF
Page 2 "Found Math" Page 1



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