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Spring 2016 News from the Campuses of . . .


In November 2015, we hosted the second Celebration of the Mathematical Mind (in honor of Martin Gardner) with talks by Prof. Rick Gillman on gerrymandering, Prof. Jay Bagga on voting machine technology, Prof. Marc Lipman on voting matters, and Prof. Derek Thompson on the Resistance game.

Professors Chand Chauhan and Marc Lipman are on sabbatical leave this semester, while Professors David Benko of the University of South Alabama and Jay Bagga of Ball State University are here as visiting professors while on sabbatical from their home institutions.

Yuan Zhang is organizing a Special Session on CR Geometry and Partial Differential Equations in Complex Analysis, in the Spring 2016 Western Sectional Meeting of the AMS, at the University of Utah.     TOP


Fall 2015 brought many exciting events for our majors at Indiana University Bloomington.

With leadership from Zorn postdoctoral fellows Dr. Corrin Clarkson and Dr. Jeffrey Meier, we began a new Directed Reading Program. This innovative model matches curious undergraduates with graduate students on reading projects of common interest. Supported financially by the Mathematics Department, the undergraduates receive textbooks, and the graduate students receive a small stipend. The term culminates with a formal oral presentation, open to all. Topics this past fall included Groebner bases, mathematical finance, surreal numbers, the fundamental group, and the mathematics of music. The program is continuing this Spring and into the future.

Ten students enrolled in a new 1-credit course in which they worked out old Math Contest in Modeling problems and gained valuable feedback from a graduate student. In other mathematical modeling news, for the first time, our active Actuary Club is participating this spring in the Society of Actuaries Research Case Study competition, assisted by faculty member Professor Russell Lyons.

September brought the second collaboration between the department of Mathematics and of Economics on a field trip, this time to Chicago's financial district. Fifteen mathematics and economics students attended an alumni mixer event and lecture by IUB Economics professor and chair Gerhard Glomm. The following day, students toured a software firm, and attended panel discussions by employers from diverse industries including finance, data analysis, and insurance. The students gained valuable perspective and networking opportunities, and the companies a first look at this talented and diverse group of students. We were grateful from a donation from alumna Anne Koehler, whose generosity supported the expenses of our students.

Students went to the movies! The Department of Mathematics and the Center for Documentary Research and Practice sponsored a screening of the film "Counting from Infinity," about Yitang Zhang's progress on the famous twin prime conjecture.

Our NSF sponsored REU program is back for Summer 2016! Since 1966, the Math Department at IUB has seen faculty and undergraduates expanding the frontiers of knowledge in mathematics in summer research projects.

Jeffrey and Deborah King have very generously endowed a new undergraduate math award. The timing of their gift coincides with a matching campaign by the College, so this will significantly expand our award offerings. Jeffrey graduated in 1970 with a BA in Mathematics and Deborah graduated with a BS in Nursing (IUPUI) in 1976. Jeffrey has been a financial advisor for many years and the donation is in acknowledgement of the strong educational foundation that he received at IU.     TOP


1) New Department Chair: Dr. Yu Song as of July 2015.

2) Retirement: Professor Mike Darnel has retired as of the end of December 2015. He was a faculty member, made many publications, served as Department Chair, and won a research award at IU South Bend.

3) New Visiting Hire: Dr. Mark Batell.

4) New BS in Applied Mathematics: the Department has made curriculum changes in its BS in Applied Math Degree Program.

5) New Math Placement System: retiring its old placement system, the IU South Bend Mathematical Science Department uses the system ALEKS.

6) Sabbatical Leave: Dr. Anna Savvopoulou is on Maternity Leave + Sabbatical Leave for the academic year 2015-16.

7) Promotion: Dr. Zhong Guan is being reviewed for promotion to Full Professor rank.

8) Tenure: Dr. Anna Savvopoulou is being reviewed for Tenure and Associate rank.

9) New Secretary: Mrs. Joanne Miller is the new Department Secretary.

10) Renovated Tutoring Center: the Department has remodeled its Tutoring Center - larger space; new carpet; furniture; and computer stations. The Turing Center gives free tutoring to students from freshman level to as high as senior level.

11) Sabbatical Leave: Dr. Yi Cheng is on sabbatical leave for spring semester 2016.     TOP


Dr. Ken Constantine retired from Taylor University at the end of the 2015 fall semester. Constantine, who was awarded the Indiana Section of the MAA Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics in 2015, had been a member of the Indiana section since 2003 when he came to Taylor. Previously, he taught at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts. He and his wife now reside in New Hampshire.     TOP

WABASH COLLEGE - Crawfordsville, Indiana

Bob Foote continues his sabbatical this semester, and Chad Westphal is covering as department chair while William Turner is on sabbatical for the semester. The department is conducting a search for a tenure-track position to be a permanent replacement for Bob Foote when he retires after next year.     TOP




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