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Spring 2012 - Column

Proposed changes to Indiana Section Bylaws


Update, March 2012: The proposed bylaws, as posted below, were approved at the Spring 2012 Section Meeting. They will proceed to the MAA for ratification.

Feb. 6, 2012: The Indiana Section of the MAA hereby posts public notice that the Executive Board is proposing changes to the Bylaws of the Indiana Section of the MAA.


The MAA periodically asks each Section to review its Bylaws.  Do they reflect actual practice?  Should they change to reflect local goals and best practices found across all sections?  The last time the Indiana Section underwent such a review resulted in the 5 October 2002 changes that divided the Secretary-Treasurer into two positions and increased the ability of the Executive Board to make policy decisions without the need to amend the Bylaws.

Over the past year, the Indiana Section Executive Board and Past Governor David Housman have conducted another review of our Bylaws.  Our goals were as follows:

  1. Maintain decision making flexibility by placing into the Bylaws only what is necessary,
  2. Maintain or reduce the size of the Executive Board,
  3. Encourage and recognize involvement by all who wish to contribute to Section goals, and
  4. Move in the direction of MAA recommendations for all sections.
In consultation with the MAA Committee on Sections, the Indiana Section Executive Board will ask the Section at the 24 March 2012 business meeting to amend its Bylaws.  In the document (see below for PDF link), we describe the proposed changes, provide a rationale, and provide a marked up copy of our current Bylaws. We welcome comments and suggestions from MAA members: either online (via the link below) or during the business meeting.  If this or a modified proposal is passed by 2/3rds of the members present at the business meeting, the proposal will be forwarded to the MAA Board of Governors for approval during their meeting at MathFest 2012.
  • Proposed changes to Bylaws: PDF (version Jan. 18, 2012.)
  • Comment form. Comments posted on or before March 5 will be received and considered by the Executive Board, before the Board votes on the draft to be presented to the March 24 business meeting. Comments may also be e-mailed to IMAA (at) . Comments may still be submitted after March 5, but substantive amendments to the Bylaws require 15 days written notice to all Section members before a vote. The most recent draft of the Board's recommended changes, and proposed amendments, will be posted here on this page.
  • Update - March 12 - The Exec. Board has not made any changes to the above (Jan. 18) version, so this is the version that will be recommended for approval at the Spring meeting. The Comment form will remain open until then.
  • Current version of Bylaws in html format.




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