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Spring 2007 - Section News

Mathemagician - Dr. Art Benjamin
Saint Joseph's College
Shen Auditorium - 7pm CDT (Chicago time) March 12
Dr. Arthur Benjamin is both a professor of mathematics and a magician. He has combined his two loves to create a dynamic presentation called "Mathemagics," suitable for all audiences, where he demonstrates and explains his secrets for performing rapid mental calculations faster than a calculator. Reader's Digest calls him "America's Best Math Whiz". He has presented his high energy talk on over a thousand occasions to audiences throughout the world. He has appeared on many television and radio programs, including: The Today Show, CNN, Amazing Discoveries! and National Public Radio, and he has been profiled in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Omni Magazine, Esquire Magazine, People Magazine, and Reader's Digest
Please join us for a fun, free, entertaining and educational evening with Art Benjamin! Learn tricks for "mental math" and have a great time. His presentation is appropriate for all - especially math and education majors.

News from the Campuses of

Taylor University,

Note: I don't believe Taylor is the only one with newsworthy events happening. Please submit news for the Newsletter!!


Dr. Bill Klinger is retiring at the end of the 2006-07 school year. Before coming to Taylor in 1989, he was a mathematics professor and academic dean at Marion College (now Indiana Wesleyan). While at Taylor, Bill was at various times Associate Dean for the Natural Science Division, Chair of the Mathematics Department, and temporarily Vice-president for Academic Affairs. He and his wife Joanne plan to retire in Florida.

The Taylor Mathematics Department awarded 2006 graduates Ryan Fuoss, Joe Essenburg, and Kevin Dufendach the Senior Mathematics Achievement Award. Kevin Dufendach is pursuing a medical degree at the Mayo Clinic. Joe Essenburg is a graduate student in at MIT. Ryan Fuoss plans to attend law school.

Sara Ostermeier was named the 2006 outstanding student teacher in mathematics.   TOP

Fall 2006 - Section News

News from the Campuses of

Ball State UniversityEarlham College,   Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis,   Indiana Purdue University-Fort Wayne,   Indiana University-Northwest,   Purdue North Central,   Rose-Hulman Insitute of Technology,   Taylor University,   Tri-State University,   University of Evansville,   University of Southern Indiana, and Valparaiso University


This fall, we welcome three new full-time faculty and two part-time faculty to our Department.
Oliver Fred Jenkins, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from University of Maryland College Park. He joins us after serving several years as a middle school principal in Annapolis, Maryland and an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University.
Joseph Marker, Visiting Lincoln Financial Group Distinguished Professor of Actuarial Science, is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and ABD in Mathematics from University of Minnesota. He is president of an actuarial services company and past Chair of the Actuarial Exam Committee of the CAS.
Linley Baker, Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science, is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, specializing in life insurance and annuities. She earned degrees in Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and in Music Performance from Ball State University. She was previously a part-time Lecturer in the Department.
Doug Roebuck, Instructor of Mathematical Sciences, holds a half-time appointment in the Department this year. He is ABD in Elementary Education and Adult Education (cognates in Mathematics and Special Education), and was most recently a faculty member at Anderson University.
Duane Wolfe, Instructor of Mathematical Sciences, is a new adjunct faculty member in the Department. He recently completed his MA in Mathematics Education from Ball State University, and is also continuing Adjunct Faculty at Ivy Tech State College.

We also celebrate the University’s recognition of Rebecca Pierce, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences, who received the 2006 Outstanding Faculty Service Award at the opening faculty meeting. Since her appointment to the faculty in 1991, Dr. Pierce has distinguished herself in activities that champion the education of women and girls, contributing to the improvement of gender-fair education in Indiana. In 1993, Dr. Pierce and the late Bernadette Perham organized the first Ball State Mathematics Day, supported in part by an NSF grant. This annual event brings high school girls to campus for a program of career awareness and skill development. For the past eight years, she has directed Big M, the Ball State summer residential program for gifted fifth- and sixth-graders. She was also the mathematics curriculum director and co-author of two multi-year grants on differentiated instruction awarded to Ball State and the Indianapolis Public Schools. In these an other ways, Dr. Pierce has opened the minds of youth to their potential and helped to create tomorrow’s teachers, doctors, architects, and scientists.    TOP

EARLHAM COLLEGE - Richmond, Indiana

Jennifer Ziebarth left this summer to take a position in California (San Francisco area). She was a good colleague; we miss her and wish her well.

Mike Smith finished his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia this summer and joined us for this year. He has brought some new approaches to teaching -- our students are more motivated because of his approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

We will be doing a tenure-track search beginning this semester. So if you have a recent grad who has gone on for a Ph.D. in mathematics and who could contribute and grow as part of Earlham's mathematics faculty, please let me know. I'll contact your grad and encourage her or him to consider applying to Earlham. We should have an ad out within a month.

A few of our students have been active in our ''Green Science'' initiative, using mathematics to help understand our local environmental situation and craft solutions to identified problems. Within the next year or so, we should be ready to ''go public'' with those of our experiences that should prove useful elsewhere.    TOP


Dr. Elaine V. Alton, Professor Emeritus, passed away in Big Rapids Michigan, on August 11, 2006, at the age of 80 years old. Elaine retired from our Department in the Spring Semester of 1992, after a long, fruitful and impressive career at IUPUI as a mainstay of our mathematics education program.

Owen Burkinshaw retired after 34 years of dedicated service to IUPUI and the math department. In his retirement, he leaves a legacy as a respected researcher in functional analysis, a textbook author and a highly celebrated instructor who constantly inspired his students to exceed in mathematics.

Carl Cowen has resigned his post as the Dean of the School of Science at IUPUI and joined the department as a full time faculty member. He is on leave during the fall 2006 semester to complete his term as president of the MAA.

IUPUI welcomes new faculty, staff and vistiors

Samiran Ghosh has joined the department as an assistant professor in statistics.
Patrick Frey has been appointed as a full-time lecturer in the department.
David Pfeiffer has been appointed as the new Director of the Mathematics Assistance Center.
Mike Axtell is visiting the department this fall semester while on his sabbatical from Wabash College, working on ring theory and some related graph theory.
Chris Mitchell is a visiting scholar for the year. He will be receiving his PhD in Algebraic Topology from Purdue University.
Valeria Grant-Perez is a visiting lecturer for the year. She completed her PhD degree in Algebraic Geometry from Purdue University.

Zhongmin Shen was invited to serve a second year term as the Program Director for the Division of Mathematical Sciences, Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Science Foundation.

Bart Ng has been elected by the Faculty to serve a second term as president of the IUPUI Faculty Council for 2006-2008 and as co-secretary of the Indiana University Faculty Council.

Thomas Sinclair received the 2006 Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research for the School of Science. This campus-wide honor recognizes a graduating senior chosen by the faculty for outstanding undergraduate research and is accompanied by a generous cash prize.

Emily Puntenney was one of the first recipients of the William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion, established to distinguish students who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to their communities during their undergraduate years.

The IUPUI student team ranked 146 out of 500 on the 2005 Putnam Examination.

The annual Wabash Mini Conference will be held at IUPUI on Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, 2005.

IUPUI will also host the Midwest Dynamical Systems Conference on October 13 – 15.


We welcome as new faculty
Betsy Berry, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education.
Yihao Deng, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.
Erwin Miña-Diaz, their first post-doc in mathematics

We bade farewell to Peter Hamburger, who left to chair the mathematics department at Western Kentucky University.

Jim Hersberger is on sabbatical this semester.    TOP


Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science is proud to welcome Dr. Peter M. Caithamer, who will join our team in the Fall 2006. Dr. Caithamer is bringing 11 years of college teaching experience from the University of Southern Indiana, U.S. Military Academy and the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, as well as actuarial analysis experience from Kemper Insurance. He earned his Ph.D. at Indiana University - Bloomington in 1997. Since then Dr. Caithamer published over dozen research papers dealing with stochastic processes and dynamical systems and was invited speaker at over dozen conferences. His academic service includes work with students o department colloquia, creation of Actuarial Science concentration degree and work with various university and community committees.

Our department also has a new program coordinator, Ms. Mary Beth Mitchell who obtained her M.A. in Psychology from Governors State University, IL in 1994. She will supervise our Math Lab and help with student retention issues in addition to running our office.    TOP


Purdue North Central welcomes the following new faculty
Dr. Harshini Fernando, Assistant Professor of Mathematics: In 2006, Dr. Harshini Fernando completes my Ph.D. in Mathematics (concentration in Statistics) at Texas Tech University. Her research at Texas Tech University focuses on Saddlepoint methods, Likelihood methods in nonlinear regression models. Her dissertation is entitled "Small Sample Inference in Nonlinear Regression Models. Dr. Fernado also holds a MS degree in Physics from the University of South Florida (2001) and BS (honors) degree in Statistics from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka (1997).
Dr. Gayla Domke , Assistant Professor of Mathematics: Dr. Gayla Domke has taught at Purdue University North Central since August, 2005. Dr. Domke has a Ph.D. from Clemson University. She taught at Georgia State University for a number of years and more recently was a Visiting Associate Professor at Indiana University Northwest. Her research interests are in the field of Graph Theory where she has over 30 articles published on topics including variations of domination parameters, variations of coloring parameters, and ranks of adjacency matrices of graphs
Aaron Warren, Assistant Professor of Physics: Dr. Aaron Warren earned a B.A. in physics, astronomy, and mathematics from Vassar College in 2000, and completed a Ph.D. in Physics & Astronomy at Rutgers University in 2006. His dissertation was in physics education, and was completed under the supervision of Alan Van Heuvelen. Other research interests have included astronomy, computational astrophysics, and string theory.


Gary Sherman, retired and moved to Minnesota - after 35 years of service, Brian Martensen left Rose-Hulman to take a position at Minnesota State Univeristy Mankato and Virgina Naibo left Rose-Human to take a position at Kansas State University. To replace them and fill the position left by Tom Langley, Rose-Hulman welcomes new faculty

Tanya Jajcayova - newly hired from Comenius University, Bratislva, Slovak Republic - Ph.D. from U. Nebraska, interest in combinatorial algebra
Don Mills - newly hired from Southern Illinois U, - Ph.D. from Clemson U., interest in algebra over finite fields
William Butske - converted from visitor to tenure track, Ph.D. from Purdue, interstes in artihmetic Algebai geometry

And returning from sabbatical,
Jeff Leader who spent last year at Sandia Labs working on supercomputing with biological applications
Yosi Shibberu, who spent last year at Washington U. in St. Louis working on protein folding

Kurt Bryan was appointed as a SIAM Visiting Lecturer and will be on sabbatical during the Winter and Spring Quarters.

We congratulate Eric Reyes as a Hemingway Scholar for graduating with 4.0 GPA

Our students, Stephen Dupal, Thomas Werner, Robert Lemke-Olivier, Eli Spears, Ian Rogers attended REUs last summer, and Amanda Rohde went to the NSA as part of the Director's Summer Program.

The 24th Rose-Hulman Conference on Undergraduate Mathematics will be held March 9-10, 2007. The organizer this year are Allen Broughton and Ken McMurdy. Speakers will be announced shortly at the conference website    TOP


Bill Klinger has stepped down from the Associate Dean for Science Division and administration duty. Mark Colgan has assumed the role of Associate Dean for the Science Division.  Ron Benbow is currently the chair of the Mathematics Department at Taylor University.   Matt DeLong has returned from a year's sabbatical at the University of Michigan. He is now Treasurer for the Indiana section of the MAA.   Ken Constantine supervised student Susan Jevert in a summer research project involving biostatistics. Jeremy Case is chair of the Indiana section of the MAA, and he continues to be Associate Dean for General Education.

Senior Amanda Harsy attended a REU in Hong Kong in the summer of 2006.

The Senior Mathematics Achievement awards went to Kevin Dufendach, Joe Essenburg, and Ryan Fuoss . Kevin Dufendach is pursuing a medical degree at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota. Joe Essenburg is working on an engineering degree at MIT. Ryan Fuoss plans to attend law school. The Mathematics Department also recognized Sara Ostermeier for excellence in student teaching at the departmental spring banquet.

Retired Professor David Neuhouser continues to oversee the Brown Collection at Taylor University . He was active in organizing the fifth annual Frances White Ewbank Colloquium on C. S. Lewis and Friends held in June 2006.


There were two retirements at Tri-State University. Dr. Jerry Beehler retired in January and Professor Richard Kruger retired in May. Tri-State welcomed Dr. Lisa Murphy in the Spring semester and Dr. Haseeb Kazi and Professor Christina Zumbrun this Fall. Dr. Murphy has a doctorate in Math Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has taught at University of Maryland, European Division, University of Illinois, Central Michigan University, and Richland Community College in Decatur Illinois. Dr. Kazi received his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University this summer. His current research is on Elliptic Integrals. Professor Zumbrun received an M.S. in Applied Statistics from Purdue University in Fort Wayne. She has taught on the high school level and at IPFW and she has served as an Educational Consultant for the State of Indiana.    TOP


The University of Evansville welcomes two new members to its mathematics faculty. 
J. Christopher Tweddle who recently finished his Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the University of Florida.
Adam Salminen who recently finished his in finite group theory at The Ohio State University
Chris and Adam replace Joe Stickles and Joanne Redden.  Paula Stickles received her Ph.D. in mathematics education from I.U., and she and Joe now both teach at Millikin University.  Joanne and her finance both teach in New York.    TOP


USI's Department of Mathematics welcomes Dr. Yalcin Sarol as he starts his first year as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. His research interests lie in the fields of Stochastic Analysis and Financial Mathematics. He is particularly interested in the financial models where the noise is driven by a fractional Brownian motion and stochastic partial differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion or more irregular Gaussian processes.

Dr. Adrian Gentle received a Lilly Excellence Through Engagement Summer Research Fellowship. He used the summer to study he collision and coalescence of black holes which is expected to be a significant source of data for the first generation of gravitational wave detectors. To understand black hole collisions one must solve the Einstein equations, which govern general relativity, yet the complexity of the ten coupled, non-linear PDE's necessitates the use of computer simulations. His research interest is in the formulation of the Einstein equations for computational simulations. In particular, he is investigating ways in which the constraint equations of the theory may be used as first-order evolution equations, thereby actively enforcing the conservation of energy-momentum during the simulaton.    TOP


Kim Pearson has left VU to take a postdoc in biostatistics at Harvards' School of Public Health. Ashraf El-Houbi has moved on to join the College of Business at Lamar University. Greg Hume, Associate Professor of Computer Science, is spending the semester in China directing VU's study semester there. Bill Stockdale has joined the department as a lecturer and Guy Vandegrift has joined us as a visiting assistant professor.    TOP

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