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Spring 2006 - Section News

Bart Ng was elected President of the IUPUI Faculty Council and Senior Co-secretary of the Indiana University Faculty Council.

Ray Chin transferred from the Computer Science Department to the Math Department. His primary research interest is scientific computation.

The IUPUI 2005 Undergraduate Research Program in the Mathematical Sciences provided research experience for seven students under the mentorship of several IUPUI faculty members. Students participating in the program came from IUPUI, St. Mary's College of Maryland, and the University of Rochester.

New faculty and their research interests:
Assistant professors

  • Olguta Buse, symplectic and contact geometry, four-manifolds, singularities, and complex and algebraic geometry;
  • Alexey Kuznetov, applied dynamical systems and mathematical biology;
  • Rodrigo Perez, 1- and 2-dimensional complex dynamics, geometric group theory, and combinatorics.

  • B. Duane Farris, curriculum writing and the development of mathematical programs;
  • Nancy Kitt, elementary education and developmental math courses;
  • Joan Rainey.

In the 2005-06 academic year, Jim Brumbaugh-Smith is on sabbatical leave in the fall and Young Lee in the spring. Jianfeng Wu, a new PhD form University of South Carolina, is with us as a sabbatical replacement.

The math club had an active fall schedule with talks, movie nights, and the trip to the Miami University math conference. In spring of 2005, the math club took a program on Pi and Pie to the local junior high on Pi Day. Jarred Jagger completed his senior project in the fall by presenting his research on "Matrix Methods for Ranking Sports Teams".

The big news for us has been the long-awaited move last summer with the rest of the Natural Sciences Division to a brand new science building. It is a wonderful place to teach!

PUC is developing math courses for Elementary teachers wanting to teach ( or already assigned to teach) middle school mathematics. This is a new program in the school of education, and the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics is developing two new mathematics courses for it. The two three-credit courses will provide in-depth study of topics including number theory, proportional reasoning, geometric reasoning (especially similarity and congruence), statistical reasoning, and algebraic reasoning with emphasis on representations (symbolic, numerical, graphical, and verbal - both written and oral). The courses will be taught with appropriate technology so that teachers will be ready to effectively use whatever technology they have available.

Gary Sherman has announced his retirement effective at the end of the academic year. Gary has long service to the Indiana Section serving as Chair(1977-1978), Vice-Chair(1976-77), Governor (1978-1981), Nominating Committee (1997-1999). He was the recipient of the Indiana Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics in 1992. Additionally, he was director and founder of Rose-Hulman REU from 1988-1996 and senior investigator in 1998,2000.

In other news, Kurt Bryan was promoted to Full Professor effective from start of the acadmic year.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Indianapolis has created a program in Actuarial Science.

Leslie Gardner, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Indianapolis, is going into algebra 2 classes in high schools in the Indianapolis metro area to motivate students with supply chain applications of algebra and "hands-on" supply chain simulations and to introduce students to supply chain management careers. Indiana is geographically suited to have many high paying supply chain and logistics jobs in the future. Management level professionals in supply chains and logistics rely heavily on mathematical analyses in order to coordinate material and information flows across many companies and must be highly skilled problem solvers in order to give their companies a competitive advantage in the global economy.

Mike Axtell was awarded tenure.

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