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Fall 2012 News from the Campuses of . . .


Yuan Zhang joined the department as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Her previous position was S. E. Warschawski Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California San Diego.

After serving as Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences for thirteen years, David Legg turned over the office to Interim Chair, Peter Dragnev.

Betsy Berry was promoted to Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, with tenure; Yihao Deng was promoted to Associate Professor of Statistics, with tenure; Adam Coffman was promoted to Professor of Mathematics.

David Redett, Associate Professor of Mathematics, will be on sabbatical in the spring semester.

Prof. Chand Chauhan, Associate Professor of Statistics, was admitted to the Indiana University Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET).     TOP


Steve Carlson retired during the Winter quarter of 2011-2012. He started on the faculty at Rose-Hulman in 1989 after being at the University of North Dakota. He served as Governor of the Indiana Section 1999-2002, and in many Sectional and National Committees of the MAA. He intends on remaining mathematically active in the area, including section activities, and has continued attending departmental seminars.

We have hired many new Faculty members in the last few years, here is an introduction to some of them. We hired Joe Eichholz and Dave Goulet last year.

  • Joe Eichholz joined the faculty at Rose-Hulman in the Fall of 2011. You actually may have met him at the Fall Meeting at the University of Indianapolis. He received his bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University with a double major in mathematics and computer science, and earned his graduate degrees (masters in both mathematics and computer science, and PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences) from the University of Iowa. His current research interests are in numerical analysis and inverse problems particularly related to biomedical imaging problems. He has been active in coaching mathematical modeling teams and involving undergraduate in applied mathematics.
  • Dave Goulet joined the faculty at Rose-Hulman in the Fall of 2011 as visitor and as a full-time member in the Spring of 2012. He received his BS from CalTech in 1999, his MS from Courant in 2001 and his PhD from CalTech in 2006. He joined Rose-Hulman after a post-doc at University of Utah. His area of research is mathematical biology and mathematical modeling, and he is active in involving undergraduates in these areas of applied mathematics.

Joining the faculty this year are Sylvia Carlisle, Will Green, John McSweeney, Eric Reyes, Christina Selby and Barbara Sanborn.

  • Sylvia Carlisle joins the faculty as a Visiting Assistant Professor. She received her BS from Carleton College, and her PhD from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She comes to Rose-Hulman from a position at Eastern Illinois University. Her interests are in set theory and topology.
  • Will Green joins the faculty as an Assistant Professor. He received his BS from Albion College, and his PhD from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He also comes to Rose-Hulman from a position at Eastern Illinois University. His interests are in analysis and partial differential equations.
  • John McSweeney joins the faculty as an Assistant Professor. He received his BS from McGill University and his MS and PhD from the Ohio State University. He comes to Rose-Hulman after post-docs at the Ohio State University’s Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI), Concordia University, and the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI). His interests are in probability and the applications of probability to biology.
  • Eric Reyes joins the faculty as an Assistant Professor. He received his BS from Rose-Hulman, and his MS and PhD from North Carolina State University. His interests are in statistics and data analysis and the applications to health screening, particularly cardiovascular research.
  • Barbara Sanborn joins the faculty as a Visiting Assistant Professor. She comes to Rose-Hulman from Western Washington University. She has two PhDs one in mathematics and one in physics. She received her PhD in physics from State University of New York at Stony Brook, and her PhD in mathematics from University of Arizona. She also has an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Her research interests are in mathematical physics, differential geometry, and semiconductor physics.
  • Christina Selby joins the faculty as an Assistant Professor. She comes to Rose-Hulman from The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where she worked in the Space Department and Asymmetric Operations Department. She began employment there after receiving her PhD from Purdue University. She received her MS also from Purdue University, and her BS from Western Kentucky University. Her interests are in the areas of partial differential equations, differential geometry, and applied mathematics.

SAINT-MARY-OF-THE-WOODS COLLEGE - Saint Mary of the Woods, Indiana

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College welcomes Dr. Douglas Scheib as visiting assistant professor. He received his doctorate in mathematics from the University of Miami in May, and has a special interest in mathematical biology.

Dr. Ellen Cunningham, S.P., retired officially as of June 30, but will continue teaching on an adjunct basis in the coming year.     TOP


The Taylor University Mathematics Department is excited to move into new offices and new classrooms in the recently built Euler Science Complex. The educational facility has been built around the principles of sustainability and stewardship with such sustainable features as wind turbines, solar panels, and geothermal wells. There are multiple gathering places for students to collaborate including a mathematics interaction area.

The Euler Science Complex will also provide better space to house the William A. Ewbank Mathematics Laboratory. In 1970, William Ewbank established at Taylor University one of the first mathematics labs in the United States. The lab applied his educational philosophy, "to learn by doing."

Dr. Matt DeLong was selected to fill a four year term on the Project NExT leadership team. Nominated by the Indiana Section, DeLong received at the Boston Joint Mathematical Meetings the 2012 Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. See this link for more information. He is taking a Sabbatical at Harvey Mudd College for the 2012-13 year.

Dr. Phil Mummert won two Taylor awards. He was awarded the Dr. Joe Burnworth Teaching Award in May 2012, an annual award to one junior faculty member for outstanding teaching. In April he gave the Distinguished Lecture in the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, an annual recognition and venue to showcase outstanding faculty scholarship. The title of his presentation was "Discrete dynamics, or how to predict the future."

Dr. Jeremy Case was awarded the 2011 Teaching Excellence Award in the School of Natural and Applied Sciences at Taylor. His presentation was entitled "Teamwork, teaching, and twins" a reflection on learning and teaching with others.

Dr. Ron Benbow spent time in Quenca, Ecuador as a Fulbright Scholar.     TOP

WABASH COLLEGE - Crawfordsville, Indiana

Dr. Peter Thompson and Dr. Chad Westphal both returned from sabbatical. This is the first semester in four years that the department has had no visiting members.

Dr. Robert Foote stepped down as department chair after his second term. Dr. Willliam Turner is now beginning his first term.     TOP



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