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Fall 2008 Section Chair's Statement

Welcome back everyone. I hope that your semesters have gotten off to a good start. I already had to modify my schedule somewhat in one of my classes. I guess I was a little too optimistic about the speed at which I could get through material in my discrete mathematics class.

This past summer I went to MathFest for the first time ever. It was a good meeting. I spent most of my time listening to talks about "Incorporating Arts and Humanities in the Mathematics Classroom", a topic I'm especially interested in. I also attended the opening banquet and heard mathematical songs by Larry Lesser from the University of Texas at El Paso. Erik Demaine's talks were wonderful. One highlight for me was seeing Elvis, the dog who instinctively solves Calculus optimization problems as he chases sticks thrown into the water (see for more information). If you haven't yet gone to a MathFest, I would encourage you to attend. It is a smaller meeting than the Joint Meetings and has a very collegial feel.

Our fall meeting this year will be at Rose-Hulman on October 25. Information on the meeting is up on our website at

At this fall's meeting, we are privileged to have two invited speakers. Rachel Hall comes to us from St. Joseph's Univeristy in Philadelphia. I heard Rachel speak at MathFest on Mathematics and Music and it sounded fascinating to me. Mike Jolly is from IU, Bloomington and his areas of interest include turbulence and dissipative differential equations. He was part of IU's REU program. I'm looking forward to hearing from both of these speakers.

We also want to hear from you! Please consider giving a presentation for our contributed paper sessions. There is an online form you can use on our website to submit information on your talk. The deadline will be October 7.

Finally I would like to thank our new INMAA officers: Adam Coffman, our new Public Relations Officer for all the work he's done in migrating our INMAA website to a new server, William Turner, our new Newsletter Editor, for putting out this newsletter, Andy Rich, our new Secretary, for keeping track of all the registrations that are (and will be) coming in, Ken Luther, our new Vice Chair, for being so prompt in lining up upcoming meeting locations, and David Housman, our new Governor, for representing us at the Governer's meeting at MathFest.

I look forward to seeing you in October.

Patricia Oakley
Chair of the Indiana Section of the MAA

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