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Fall 2007 - Section News


Millikin University and Wabash College are pleased to announce a research conference for undergraduate mathematics, the Illiana Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. The conference will be hosted by Wabash College on Saturday, October 6 th , 2007.

The conference is designed to provide area students a fall venue for disseminating the results of their mathematical work over the summer or previous school year. In addition, it aims to motivate other undergraduates to engage in research in mathematics. The conference will feature keynote speaker Dr. Carl Cowen of IUPUI and previous President of the MAA.

Please encourage any likely students (both presenters and non-presenters) to check out the following website if they are interested:

This website has updated maps, directions, hotel and parking information.

We welcome all interested students and faculty and there is no registration fee. The conference may be able to provide some travel funds for presenters. 

Funding provided by NSF grant DMS-0536991 through MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences program, .


Joe Stickles -
Mike Axtell  --


News from the Campuses of

Ball State University,   Earlham College,   Huntington University,   IPFW,   IUPUI,   IUSB,   Manchester College   Rose-Hulman,   St. Mary-of-the-Woods College,   Taylor University,   Valparaiso University

Editor's Note: I know that there is more happening in the Section. Please make sure that the News on your Campus gets submitted to the Newsletter!!


The Ball State University Department of Mathematical Sciences welcomes Cheryl Kneubuhler, who joins us as a full-time contract (non-tenure-track) faculty member. She completed her BA and MA in mathematics and German at Ball State University, and brings several years of experience as an instructor and project associate in mathematics education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University, and Northwestern University.    TOP

EARLHAM COLLEGE - Richmond, Indiana

Anand Pardhanani joins us in a tenure-track position this fall, coming to us from Austin, Texas. Anand spent 9 years as a research scientist, mostly at the University of Texas, after earning his Ph.D. in engineering mathematics. As part of his experiences within a successful research career, his interests evolved to working with undergraduates and began moving away from research toward teaching as his primary activity. He taught 4 years at Southwestern University, an Austin-area liberal arts institution, before coming to Earlham and hopes to help our students participate in more cross-disciplinary research and bring more underrepresented minorities into mathematics. We look forward to the contributions Anand will bring to mathematics at Earlham and in Indiana.    TOP


Dr. Bobbi Buchholz joined the Huntington University Mathematics and Computer Science Department this fall. She received her PhD (differential equations) from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln this spring. Her undergraduate work was done at Hastings College in Hastings Nebraska.

Seniors Ashley Meyer and Alicia Hoffmann participated in REUs this summer. Ashley's work was done through the Colorado School of Mines (in Hong Kong), while Alicia's work was done at Canisus College. Both will be making presentations at the Miami Math conference in September.

Senior Kevin Keller is participating in the Budapest Mathematics Semesters program this fall.    TOP


Faculty News from IPFW (Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne):
Dr. Sue Mau has been promoted to Associate Professor of Mathematics Education.

Professors William Frederick, Douglas Townsend, and W. Douglas Weakley will be on sabbatical leave during the spring semester.

The term of Lowell Beineke, Editor of The College Mathematics Journal, on the MAA Executive Committtee was extended to run through 2008 by the Board of Governors.    TOP


IUPUI welcomes new faculty, staff and visitors:
  • Chris Dona and Derek Moffitt have joined the department as full-time lecturers.
  • Jay Hardin joins the department this fall as a visiting lecturer.
  • Choongseok Park is a visiting postdoctoral fellow for the year.
  • Tim Pierce has been appointed as the new Director of the Mathematics Assistance Center.

    On December 31, 2006, Robert Rigdon retired after 31 years of dedicated service to IUPUI and the Math Department. As Associate Chair, he was instrumental in developing, overseeing, and improving an infrastructure in support of the large number of students from all disciplines taking courses in Mathematical Sciences. He was the "designated hitter" to field tough questions from students with problems of any kind, ranging from complaints against instructors, to dissatisfaction with course content or grading policies.

    Upon the retirement of Robert Rigdon, Jeff Watt has accepted the appointment of Associate Department Chair. Dr. Watt, an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department, brings to his new role many years of experience guiding and directing students in their academic pursuits.

    Krzysztof Podgorski resigned at the end of the Spring 2007 semester. He has accepted a faculty position in the Department of Mathematical Statistics at Lund University.

    Zhongmin Shen has returned to the department after serving a two-year term as the Program Director for the Division of Mathematical Sciences, Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Science Foundation.

    Professor Alexander Its, a distinguished Professor of Mathematics, has been invited to spend his sabbatical leave (academic year 2007-2008) at Imperial College of London in the United Kingdom, where he will work with collaborators. Additionally, he plans to spend parts of his sabbatical visiting them in their respective institutions: the University of Cambridge, the University of Bristol, and Brunel University of West London. The Department of Mathematical Sciences again hosted the annual Wabash Modern Analysis Mini-Conference on Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9, 2007. For the past 15 years, IUPUI has hosted this conference, bringing together national and international experts in their research areas. This year's invited speakers included Dietmar Bisch (Vanderbilt University), Marek Bozejko (University of Wroclaw), Edward Effros (University of California, Los Angeles), Uffe Haagerup (University of Southern Denmark), Nigel Higson (Pennsylvania State University), Jerry Kaminker (IUPUI), and Thomas Schlumprecht (Texas A&M).

    The IUPUI Department of Mathematical Sciences will celebrate the opening of its new Signature Center, the IUPUI Center for Mathematical Biosciences at an open house on Friday, October 26, 2007. Situated in the heart of the new Health Information and Translational Sciences Building, the Center is initiating research and training in biomathematics and biostatistics, providing an integrated structure for collaborative work at the interface between the mathematical sciences and the life sciences. The Center's primary focus areas are: Mathematical and Computational Neurosciences, Quantitative Methods in Proteomics and Genomics, Mathematical and Computational Biomechanics and Applied Statistics/Biostatistics.

    Several new courses are offered this Fall including: - "Calculus for Life Sciences": This is a series of two one-semester calculus courses for students majoring in life sciences and thinking about life-science careers (including medical professions). The class is based on an intuitive approach, providing students with enough of mathematical rigor, yet limiting the number of technical details, which makes it more accessible for life-sciences majors. Particular attention is focused on applications of calculus in biology, biomedical engineering and technology, medicine and related areas. - "Statistics in Pharmaceutical Research": This course is a collaborative effort between the IUPUI Department of Mathematical Sciences, the IU Division of Biostatistics, and Eli Lilly & Company. The goal of the series is to further strengthen the ties between industry and academia by introducing participants to the broad spectrum of issues surrounding the drug development process in the pharmaceutical industry.

    In January, IUPUI signed an "Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation" on behalf of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, with its counterpart, the University of Burgundy (Dijon, France), which provides an opportunity for the exchange of teaching and research personnel, students, as well as books, research, and reference materials. During the 2007-2008 academic year, Mr. David Niles, a Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics, will study at the University of Burgundy as part of this program.

    Igor Minevich, an undergraduate mathematics major and an IUPUI Bepko Scholar, recently received the "Governor's Award for Tomorrow's Leaders." This is a prestigious, statewide program of the Indiana Humanities Council and the Office of the Governor designed to recognize and honor a diverse group of outstanding young leaders from across Indiana. These young leaders serve as role models and inspiration to their peers and to all citizens of the State.

    Three undergraduate mathematics majors received Dean of Science Scholarships: Veronica Brenner, Igor Minevich, and Matthew Tiley. This is a competitive academic merit scholarship for current majors. All have a GPA greater than 3.80.

    The Department of Mathematical Sciences is pleased to announce that the Yuri Abramovich Memorial Scholarship Fund has now received donations exceeding $55,000. This memorial scholarship fund was established to commemorate Dr. Yuri Abramovich as a colleague, as a mathematician, and as an educator. This scholarship supports deserving undergraduate and graduate students who have a keen interest in the study of mathematics, who demonstrate academic excellence especially in mathematics courses beyond the sophomore level, and who show promise for a career in mathematics. For more information, please visit:

    Several faculty members and one staff member were honored at the School of Science Fall Convocation, receiving the following awards: Judy McBride: School of Science Full-time Lecturer Service Award, Debbie Dailey: School of Science Partners in Education Full-time Staff Award, Lark Hahn: Bernie Morrell Math Teaching Award, Hank Hernandez: Trustees Teaching Award for Full-time Lecturers, Eugene Mukhin: Trustees Teaching Award, Jyotirmoy Sarkar: Bernie Morrell Math Teaching Award    TOP


The following colleagues have joined Indiana University South Bend Mathematical Sciences Department as tenure track associate professors.
  • Dr. Shanqin Chen (PhD: 2004, Brown University)
  • Dr. Robert Huff (PhD: 2003, Rice University)

MANCHESTER COLLEGE - North Manchester, Indiana

We are looking forward to hosting the section at the fall meeting in October. Dr. Andy Rich is the on-site coordinator. We had 6 students participate in the 2006 Putnam competition. In March we will be hosting our 15th Annual Wabash County Junior High Math Contest involving 80 students from four schools.

Last year's mathematics graduates completed senior research on the topics "Compacts Regions and Congressional Redistricting," "Player Ratings in Professional Football," "Probabilities for Texas Hold 'Em," and "Stigler's Diet Problem and the Development of Linear Programming."

Dr. Young Lee continues her research in mathematical biology, presenting "Dynamics of Two Models of Peptic Ulcers and H. Pylori" (in San Jose, CA and Plovdid, Bulgaria) and participating in the Mathematics and Theoretical Biology Institute at Arizona State in July. Dr. Jim Brumbaugh-Smith, et al, published the article "NIVAH --- A Composite Index Measuring Violence and Harm in the U.S." (in Social Indicators Research).

Andy Rich was on sabbatical in Fall 2006 studying the history of mathematics at St. Andrews University, Scotland and is developing a course in math history. Dr. Stan Beery continues enhancing our math education program. Dr. Chuck Stanton will be retiring this spring after 16 years of service at Manchester (teaching both mathematics and computer science) and 40 years in the profession (including 8 at Wesleyan University and 7 at IUSB). Jim Brumbaugh-Smith is beginning his second year as department chair.    TOP


The Department of Mathematics at Rose-Hulman welcomes several new faculty
  • Michael Bard - Visiting Assistant Professor, PhD (2007) from George Washington University
  • Cara Brooks - Assistant Professor, PhD (2007) from Michigan State University
  • Michael DeVasher - Visiting Assistant Professor (2007) from University of Alabama
  • Andrea Dzuidek - Visiting Assistant Professor, PhD (2006) from Technical University of Berlin (TUB)
  • John Massman - Visiting Assistant Professor, PhD (2005) from University of Colorado Boulder
and the return of Kurt Bryan from his sabbatical at Rutger's University. The many new hires replace the loss of Ken McMurdy and Don Mills to other institutions, plus the sabbatical of Elton Graves in South Korea, and the general expansion of the department. In addition, our Department Head, Allen Broughton, will be on sabbatical during the spring with David Finn as the interim department head during his absense.

In other departmental news, Diane Evans and Josh Holden received tenure. Diane was also awarded the Dean's Outstanding Teacher Award during Commencement, and recently co-authored a textbook on Computational Probability, and was awarded the INFORMS Computing Society Prize.

Math majors: Tom Werne, Amanda Rohde and Robert Lauer all received Heminway Gold Medals for highest GPA in the graduating class. Returning students, Ely Spears, Ian Rogers, and Robert Lemke-Oliver all participated in REUs, with Ely going the furthest in distance, travelling to Hong-Kong as part of the Colorado School of Mines REU.

ST. MARY's OF THE WOODS - Terre Haute, Indiana

Dr. Dottie King, associate professor, has graciously consented to chair the Department of Sciences and Mathematics. This is ordinarily a three-year appointment.
Dr. Ningyi Zhang has just joined us as an assistant professor. Dr. Zhang finished her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics this summer at the University of Delaware under the direction of Robert P. Gilbert. Her dissertation is entitled "Shape Reconstruction of Inclusions and Defects in Poroelastic Materials."    TOP


Taylor University welcomes Dr. Philip Mummert as a new tenure-track faculty member in the Mathematics Department at Taylor University. Dr. Mummert finished up his Ph.D. work in complex variables at Purdue University in the spring. He replaces Dr. Bill Klinger who retired from academia after serving at Taylor University and Indiana Wesleyan University (then Marion College).    TOP


This has been a year of tremendous faculty changes at Valpo! Zsuzsanna Szaniszlo is back from a semester leave spent in Hungary, and Greg Hume finally returned from his two years in England and semester in China. Karen Allen (Whitehead) left us to take a position at North Carolina State University, Alberto Marrero left to take a position at the University of Puerto Rico and Guy Vandegrift left to take a position at xxx . But we were able to hire some interesting young people to take their places.

Sara B. Crawford earned her B.A. in mathematics and economics from Kenyon College. Afterwards, she moved to Atlanta to pursue graduate work in biostatistics at Emory University and is currently finishing her doctorate degree. While in Atlanta, she had the pleasure of working at the Centers for Disease Control for three years as a guest researcher. Sara was positioned in the Division of Parasitic Diseases within the National Center for Infectious Disease where she worked with the Data Management Activity group. While at the CDC, she worked as a collaborative statistician on projects involving diseases such as malaria and schistosomiasis. Because of the international focus of the division, Sara also had the opportunity to travel briefly to Kenya and Guatemala for collaborative work as well as to give some statistical talks. Her doctoral research has focused specifically on the issue of informative dropout in longitudinal studies. In studies where patients are being followed over time in order to track the rate of change in some measure of physical or mental health, there is a concern that patients who drop out of the study for some reason related to that rate of change will bias the results. She has looked specifically at testing for multiple sources of informative dropout and hopes to continue research in this area, possibly extending beyond testing to modeling data of this nature.

Melissa Desjarlais earned her BA at Alma College with majors in mathematics and psychology. After graduating from Alma College, she began graduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she earned an M.S. in mathematics. A few years ago she began teaching a math course for pre-service elementary teachers, and as a result of these and other experiences while at UNL, decided to pursue a doctorate in math education. Her area of interest is the pedagogy of teaching problem solving. Melissa will be rather busy for the next two years moving between teaching courses at VU and doing research through UNL! Some of you may already know Melissa since she has been working for Valpo's REU program for the past three summers.

Shane Drew earned his BS in mathematics from Tufts University. After college, he worked as a life insurance actuary for six years for John Hancock Financial Services in Boston where he passed all but one of the actuarial exams. Wanting to work at a university, Shane went to Northwestern University and is finishing his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences this fall. He is interested in problems that deal with reducing and managing risk in the context of both actuarial science and operations research. Shane's dissertation is in the area of stochastic optimization (decision-making where some of the parameters are uncertain) and specifically in the use of sampling methods to solve decision-making problems where the number of alternatives is very large or even infinite. He plans to continue this research, to find ways to infuse stochastic optimization into the field of actuarial science, and to explore the areas of education in operations research and actuarial science.

Daniel Maxin was born in Romania and taught high school there for several years before coming to the United States in 2001. He had earned his BS in mathematics and computer science from Dunarea de Jos University, in Galati, and his Ph.D. at Purdue University under the direction of Fabio Milner. His dissertation is in Mathematical Biology, and specifically his work is in Population Dynamics and Epidemiology.    TOP

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