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FAll 2005 Section News

We welcome Munni Begum as tenure-track assistant professor in our department. Munni, who received a masters degree from BSU, returns to us after completing a Ph.D. in statistics at the University of North Carolina.

Congratulations to Irene Livshits for obtaining a three-year NSF-DMS grant to fund her research in multigrid methods, a branch of numerical analysis.

Dale Umbach has stepped down as chair of the department after eight years of faithful service. He is succeeded by John Emert, who has spent the last three years as assistant chair.

Several faculty members will be enjoying a sabbatical this year, including Charles Jones, Kerry Jones, Sheryl Stump, and Dale Umbach.

(excerpt from an announcement at Ellen Maycock, Johnson Family University Professor and professor of mathematics at DePauw University, has been appointed associate executive director of the AMS, starting in September 2005. She succeeds James W. Maxwell, who has entered partial retirement and continues to work on selected projects part-time for the Society. In her new position, Maycock oversees the meetings, public awareness, and membership and programs departments of the AMS. Among other activities, these departments conduct surveys, manage career and employment services, run research conferences, publish Math in the Media and the Feature Column on the web, provide information for department leaders and students, and administer grants and fellowships.

Ron Milne is spending his one-year sabbatical in Papua, Indonesia, serving as a curriculum consultant at Cenderawasih University in Abepura, near Jayapura. This service assignment was made through Mennonite Central Committee.

In Ron's absence, David Housman will be serving as department chair and Brian Crane has been hired. Brian earned a B.S. in Mathematics in 2000 from Furman University and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Emory University this past summer. His research involved characterizing certain types of mathematical graphs. He has taught of number of courses for undergraduate students, and he helped develop and teach a course in calculus and combinatorics to prepare high school students for college studies in mathematics.

Pavel Bleher was awarded a Chancellor's Professorship. Since his appointment in 1994, Pavel Bleher has played a leadership role in building up and advancing the mathematical physics research program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He has also made outstanding contributions to the Department's undergraduate and graduate teaching programs, and has greatly enhanced IUPUI's reputation in science and mathematics education in central Indiana through his tireless outreach efforts to talented local middle and high school students.

Bart Ng was selected as the first holder of the Marvin L. Bittinger Chair in Mathematics Education. A reception was held to honor Marvin L. Bittinger and celebrate the appointment of Bart S. Ng to this Chair Professorship.

The IUPUI 2005 Undergraduate Research Program in the Mathematical Sciences drew students from IUPUI, St. Mary's College of Maryland, and the University of Rochester. A daily seminar equipped the students with a basic foundation for research on a selection of projects, such as base representation of Gaussian integers, random walks on a circular lattice, isogonal and isotomic maps for triangles, and minimization of flight time in wind. At the end of the program, each student presented results in both campus-wide and departmental symposiums. Student Researchers were Kelly Anderson, Michael Anderson, Brittany Edison, Heather Langdon, Kehinde Salau, Taiwo Salau, and Michael Wijay.

Krzysztof Podgorski (Department of Mathematical Sciences) and Susanne Ragg (IU School of Medicine) were awarded an NIH Roadmap Initiative Grant to develop innovative and highly sensitive mathematical and statistical methods of detecting cancer using data obtained by the recent technologies of proteome analysis.

On May 13, the ceremony for the 8th annual IUPUI high school math contest was held for area high school students from Central Indiana. Record participation this year included 392 participants from 13 area high schools. The theme of the 2005 contest was Mathematics and Cryptography, and the featured ceremony speaker was Dr. Patrick Morton, who spoke on Fermat Primes.

New faculty members are assistant professors Olguta Buse, Alexey Kuznetsov and Rodrigo Perez, and lecturers Nancy Kitt, John L. Miller and Joan Rainey.

The annual Wabash Mini Conference will be held at IUPUI on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18, 2005.

Evgeny Mukhin and Michael Ernst were promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.

Raymond Pippert retired after forty years of teaching.

The department welcomes the following faculty

Sandra (Betsy) Berry, Visiting Instructor in mathematics education.
David Redett, Assistant Professor; David's research is in analysis.

Adam Coffman is on sabbatical leave for the fall semester.

The department welcomes, their new colleague

Dr. Marcio Sousa Carvalho
Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Ph. D., University of Colorado at Bolder, May 2005
Research Areas: Applied Probability, Stochastic Processors and Stochastic Simulation

Matt DeLong was awarded the Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Beginning College or University Mathematics Faculty Member. See:

He is on sabbatical at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for the 2005-06 year. David Aukerman, a graduate of Taylor University and Miami University, is filling in as his sabbatical replacement.

Dr. Ron Benbow is now the chair of the department replacing Mark Colgan. After a one year hiatus, Bill Klinger reclaimed the position of the Associate Dean of the Division of Natural Sciences. Jeremy Case was named the Associate Dean of General Education at Taylor University.

Dr. David Neuhouser continues to spend much of his time with activities related to The Center for the Study of C. S. Lewis and Friends. The next biannual Lewis & Friends colloquium will be June 1- 4, 2006 at Taylor University.

In May 2005, Matt DeLong and TU physics professors Ken Kiers and Hank Voss led a team of Taylor students to Colombo, Sri Lanka to aid in reconstruction efforts following the devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004. Several of the participating students were majors in mathematics or physics.

Ron Benbow, Jeremy Case, Ken Constantine, Matt DeLong and David Neuhouser attended the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) at Huntington College June1-4, 2005. Jeremy Case and David Neuhouser gave presentations.

The Taylor Mathematics Department and the East Allen County School's Gifted and Talented Program continued their partnership in 2005 for the second straight spring. This year almost 30 Taylor mathematics majors were each partnered with a gifted and talented fifth-grader from the district in a unique blend of friendship, mentoring, and mathematics.

The program was developed in order to make an impact on the long-term educational trajectory of a cohort of gifted and talented students from the EACS district. Several of the students would be first-generation college students or classified as "at risk" in addition to "gifted and talented." East Allen School Corporation is located east of Ft. Wayne. The fifth graders would attend such high schools as New Haven, Ft. Wayne Harding, Woodlan, Leo, and Heritage.

Dr. Joanne Redden taught mathematics this summer at Harlaxton College, the British campus of the University of Evansville. A high point was the visitation of her class to the British Museum, by special arrangement, to view the Rhind Papyrus.

Dr. Talitha Washington has joined the University of Evansville faculty as Assistant Professor of Mathematics. She received her Ph.D. in 2001 from the University of Connecticut and then held a post-doc in mathematical biology at Duke University . From 2003 to 2005 she was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at New Rochelle College in New Rochelle, New York.

Mary Treanor retired this past spring after 25 years with the department and university. Her valuable contributions to our understanding of teaching and student learning will be missed. Kim Pearson is on leave to study statistics at Harvard University's School of Public Health. Ken Luther has earned tenure and promotion to associate professor. Greg Hume has returned to the department after a two year assignment at the university's study center in Cambridge, England. Ashraf El-Houbi, an applied statistician, and Alberto Marrero, an functional analyst, join our department this fall.

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