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Spring 2009 - Column



Spring 2009: A note from the Public Information Officer

Starting with Spring 2009, the abstracts of talks presented to meetings of the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America will be archived in TeX and PDF format as a column in the Section's twice-annual (Spring and Fall) electronic newsletter. The column will appear after each Section meeting. One goal for keeping such a record of abstracts is historical preservation, since abstracts circulated before and at Section meetings are necessarily preliminary and may appear in formats not intended for the long term. Another goal is that past abstracts can serve as examples to follow for future presenters. Finally, an easily accessible, published abstract may be a useful entry in the portfolio of a student researcher or job-seeking mathematician.

Consistent with the goal of maintaining a reliable archive, minor corrections may be submitted by presenters to the Abstracts Editor (currently, the Indiana MAA Public Information Officer, Adam Coffman).



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