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Indiana Project NExT
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Indiana Project NExT

Thanks to your gifts, the generosity of a matching donor, and Section funds, we obtained the full $2,500 cost of supporting a Project NExT fellow for 2018-2019. Thank you for your continued engagement and for stepping up to support this valuable program of the MAA! Please consider contributing to support future Project NExT fellows through the Indiana Section of the MAA.

Donations can be made one of two ways:
  • By mail: Checks may be sent to Philip Mummert (Treasurer), Department of Mathematics, Purdue University, 150 N. University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067. Checks should be made out to "Indiana Section of the MAA", with NExT Fellow in the memo line.
  • Electronically through the section's PayPal account. (Please keep in mind that PayPal charges $0.30 + 3.1% of every transaction.)

Indiana Project NExT committee

Livia Hummel (University of Indianapolis)
Amber Russell (Butler)
Tiffany Kolba (Valparaiso)
Manda Riehl (Rose-Hulman)

Vice Coordinator



Mission Statement:

Indiana NExT is a network of Indiana mathematics professionals and college/university mathematics faculty promoting professional development and networking opportunities for its members wishing to further engage with the mathematics community and use effective methods for teaching mathematics. There is a particular emphasis on offering support for new faculty members and beginning educators. Indiana NExT works closely with the Indiana Section of the Mathematics Association of America (IN-MAA), functions as a subcommittee of the IN-MAA, and has the same overarching mission as the MAA’s Project NExT:
“[That its members] would become leaders within the profession, their MAA Section, and in the greater MAA community.”

How to join:

All members of Indiana NExT must either be currently employed as mathematics faculty, work in a mathematics-related field, or otherwise be engaged with mathematics or mathematics education within Indiana. A member of Indiana NExT cannot be a member of another NExT section.

New members will be recruited if the meet they requirements listed above and one of the following takes place:
(a) He/she is admitted into the national Project NExT program.
(b) He/she has, according to the records of the Secretary of Indiana NExT, attended at least two Indiana NExT events.
(c) He/she has expressed interest in joining to an officer of Indiana NExT.

Upcoming events:

IN NExT organizes a panel at most IN Section Meetings.

The Fall 2018 meeting was October 13 at Hanover College.

The IN NExT panel will be on the topic: Preparing Students for BIG Careers


Emilie Purvine, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Joseph Eichholz, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Lisa Holden, Northern Kentucky University
Dhanuja Kasturiratna, Northern Kentucky University

Moderator: Amber Russell, Butler University

Abstract: How can faculty work to best prepare students for jobs in Business, Industry and Government (BIG)? Our panelists share their suggestions from a variety of different perspectives. Employed at a national laboratory, Emilie Purvine has first hand experience of the skills students must develop to be successful. The remaining panelists have all participated in the PIC Math program (Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical Sciences) sponsored by the MAA. Lisa Holden and Dhanuja Kasturiratna worked on a project with American Modern Insurance Group, while Joseph Eichholz worked with Christina Selby (now at John Hopkins University) on two projects: one with Crane Payment Innovations, the other with 84.51 on a project related to direct marketing.

Past panels:

The Spring 2018 meeting was March 23-24 at Valparaiso University.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Encounters with Experiential Learning

Steve Butler
Allison Henrich
Judy Holdener
Jennifer Quinn

Moderator: Manda Riehl, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The Fall 2017 meeting was October 7 at Manchester University.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Implementing the 2015 CUPM Content Recommendations

Paul Fonstad, Franklin College
Lara Pudwell, Valparaiso University

Moderator: Livia Hummel, University of Indianapolis

The Spring 2017 meeting was March 24-25 at Earlham College.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Teaching a Bimodal Audience

Julie Beier, Earlham College
Sheryl Stump, Ball State University
Felicia Tabing, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

Moderator: Derek Thompson, Taylor University

The Fall 2016 meeting was October 8 at Purdue University West Lafayette.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Retaining underrepresented groups in STEM

Alejandra Alvarado, Eastern Illinois University
Rodrigo Banuelos, Purdue University West Lafayette
Zenephia Evans, Purdue University West Lafayette

Moderator: Zsuzsanna Szaniszlo, Valparaiso University

The Spring 2016 meeting was March 18-19 at Franklin College.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Alternative Assessment Techniques

Mindy Capaldi, Valparaiso University
Sylvia Carlisle, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
William Lindsey, IU-Kokomo

Moderator: Josh Holden, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The Fall 2015 meeting was October 17 at Purdue University North Central.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Effectively Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

Craig Cullen, Illinois State University
Josh Holden, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Gerard Venema, Calvin College

Moderator: Stacy Hoehn, Franklin College

The Spring 2015 meeting was May 13-14 at Taylor University.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Engaging Students in Extracurricular Math Activities.

Justin Gash, Franklin College
Edray Goins, Purdue University
Vincenzo Isaia, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College

Moderator: Paul Fonstad, Franklin College

The Fall 2014 meeting was October 18 at Trine University.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Strategies for Helping Students Transition to Proofs.

Jeff Leader, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Tiffany Kolba, Valparaiso University
Katie Merkling, Valparaiso University
Mary Porter, St. Mary's College

Moderator: William Lindsey, IU-Kokomo

The Spring 2014 meeting was May 4-5 at IPFW, in Fort Wayne

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Goals and Pedagogy for Remedial Mathematics.

Melissa Desjarlais (Valparaiso)
Angie Walls (Franklin)
Jeff Watt (IUPUI)

Moderator: Justin Lambright

The Fall 2013 meeting was October 26 at the University of Southern Indiana, in Evansville.

The IN NExT panel was on the topic: Publishing Undergraduate Research.

Josh Holden (Rose-Hulman; editorial board member, Ball State Mathematics Exchange)
Ahmed Mohammed (Ball State; editor, Ball State Mathematics Exchange)
David Rader (Rose-Hulman; editor, Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal)
Moderator: Karl Schmitt

For the March 22-23, 2013 Spring meeting, the panel topic is Incorporating History across the Math Curriculum.
Daniel Curtin (Northern Kentucky University)
Colin McKinney (Wabash College)
Jeff Oaks (University of Indianapolis)
Danny Otero (Xavier University)

For the October 27, 2012 Fall meeting, the panel topic is Inquiry Based Learning.
Mindy Capaldi (Valparaiso University)
Dana Ernst (Northern Arizona University)
Robert Talbert (Grand Valley State University)
Moderator: Stacy Hoehn (Franklin College)

Fall 2011:
Incorporating Writing into Mathematics courses
Panelists: Dan Callon (Franklin), Melissa Desjarlais (Valparaiso)

Spring 2011:
Establishing Interdisciplinary research collaborations
Panelists: John Boardman (Franklin College), Jeff Leader (Rose-Hulman)

Fall 2010:
Transitioning Students from High School to College Mathematics
Panelists: Gayla Domke (Purdue North Central), Janet Teeguarden (Ivy Tech - Indianapolis), Bill Stockdale (Ivy Tech - Valparaiso)

Spring 2010:
Undergraduate Research
Panelists: Carl Cowan (IUPUI), Matt DeLong (Taylor University), and David Housman (Goshen College).


Organizational documents:

Indiana NExT Mission Statement and By-Laws PDF

Indiana NExT Officer description PDF

Comments? Email the Public Information Officer.
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