The Illinois Section of the Mathematical Association of America (ISMAA) invites submissions for the 2012 Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Mathematics. Up to three awards will be given for papers authored and presented by undergraduate students at the upcoming ISMAA meeting. Applicants are encouraged to produce complete research projects including, but not limited to, focusing on interesting mathematical problems, the process of writing manuscripts, creating professional presentations, and speaking at professional meetings. Submissions will be evaluated both for the quality of the research and for the quality of the presentation.

Working in collaboration with a faculty advisor, undergraduate students who wish to apply for the OUR Awards should submit the following materials electronically (either as a PDF or MS Word document) to the Awards Committee:

1. a brief, one-page cover letter stating the nature of the project and identifying the researchers involved;

2. a complete, original research paper;

3. a letter of support from the faculty advisor which also describes the student’s contribution to the work.

Please include "OUR-Awards-Submission" in the subject heading. Papers need not have been submitted for publication in a professional journal at the time of consideration, but they need to be complete manuscripts, even if only a subset of the research will be presented at the meeting.

Monetary gifts accompany these awards. The deadline for OUR Awards submissions is March 20, 2012.

Questions? Email abedenik@bradley.edu .