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Call for Student Participation in the ISMAA Annual Meeting

Student Contributed Papers

A session of student contributed papers is planned for Friday, April 7, 2006 and Saturday, April 8, 2006 at the ISMAA 2006 Annual Meeting. Any undergraduate student or group of students may propose a 15-minute presentation on a topic dealing with mathematics or the teaching and learning of mathematics. The paper may represent a class project, a senior thesis or a research project.

Individuals interested in contributing a paper should forward a short (at most one paragraph) summary of the paper with the presenter name(s), address(es), and faculty supervisor(s) by March 25, 2006 to:

Lisa Townsley
Mathematics Department
Benedictine University
5700 College Road
Lisle, Illinois 60532
Phone: (630) 829-6557
Fax: (630) 829-6551 E-Mail: ltownsley@ben.edu

Student Math Contest

A Student Math Contest will be held on Friday April 7, 2006 afternoon during the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Section of the MAA at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. The Contest is likely to have a minimum of four problems for the teams to consider. A team from a particular college is to consist of up to 3 undergraduate students. A college may enter more than one team. A team may collaborate on the solutions of the problems. Electronic computational devices (and slide rule and log tables and abacii) are not allowed.

For a sample of the kinds of problems to expect, see the problems from past contests. (You might also look at the Challenge of the Week problems from the Department of Mathematics at Eastern Illinois University.)

Teams need not register until the day of the Contest, but if you intend to participate in the contest, it would be helpful if you would inform Lisa Townsley at ltownsley@ben.edu.

The participating teams will receive the results of the contest as soon as they become available. The Contest results will also be posted on the ISMAA website.

For additional information on the contest, please contact Professor Townsley at the above address.

The meeting registration fee is waived for students presenting a paper or participating in the contest and for students at schools which are Institutional Members in the ISMAA.

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February 7, 2006