2007 Joint Annual Meetings


Florida Section
The Mathematical Association of America

Tallahassee Community College

Florida Two-Year College Mathematics Association

February 16-17, 2007

The 2007 Joint Annual Meetings will be hosted by Tallahassee Community College on February 16-17, 2007.  The plenary speakers for the conference will be Carl Cowen, Bruce Edwards, and James Tanton.

Dr. Cowen is the current President of the MAA and is the Dean of the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis School of Science.  He will give a talk presenting the connections between mathematics and biology.  For more information, visit http://www.science.iupui.edu/ccowen/.

Dr. Tanton is the director of the Mathematics Institute at St. Mark’s School in Massachusetts.  He is the author of Solve This: Mathematical Activities for Students and Clubs, which won the 2005 Beckenbach Book Prize.  After missing the past Joint Meetings due to the weather, Dr. Tanton has again been invited to discuss various "proofs" that 1=2.  For more information, visit http://www.stmarksschool.org/contact_us/profile.aspx?LinkID=42506&pageaction=VPSFaculty.

Along with these plenary speakers, there will be the annual business meetings, awards banquet, invited speakers, workshops, and presentations.

Here is the link for the program.