Florida Section Newsletter
The Mathematical Association of America
May 2004
Volume 25, Issue 3


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Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America
2004 - 2005


Scott Hochwald
Department of Mathematics
University of North Florida
(904) 620-2653
Past President

Judy Jones
Department of Mathematics
Valencia Community College
(407) 582-2491
Vice-President, Programs

Pam Crawford
Department of Mathematics
Jacksonville University
(904) 256-7303
Vice-President, Site Selection

John R. Waters Jr.
Department of Mathematics
Manatee Community College
(941) 408-1492

Joe Skala
Department of Mathematics
St. Petersburg College
(727) 791-2558
Coordinator of Student Activities

Daniel Jelsovsky
Department of Mathematics
Florida Southern College
(863) 680-3748
Newsletter Editor

Bill Rush
Department of Mathematics
St. Petersburg College
(727) 341-4660
Governor (Through June 2004)

Marilyn Repsher
Department of Mathematics
Jacksonville University
(904) 256-7306
Governor (Beginning July 2004)

David Kerr
Department of Mathematics
Eckerd College
(727) 864-8437

Stephanie Fitchett
Department of Math and Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
(561) 799-8613
Vice-President-Elect, Programs

Li Zhou
Department of Mathematics
Polk Community College
(863) 297-1010 Ext. 5611
Vice-President-Elect, Site Selection

Guesna Dohrman
Department of Mathematics
Tallahassee Community College
(850) 201-8144


37th Annual Meeting

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

Judy Jones

On February 20th and 21st, the 37th annual meeting of the Florida Section of the Mathematical Association of America was held at the University of Central Florida.  Bruce Palka, Editor of the American Mathematical Monthly, opened the program as the first plenary speaker.  His topic was “Why things go quasi in higher dimensions.”  Later in the day, our second plenary speaker, Paul Yiu, Florida Atlantic University, presented “A tour of triangle geometry via the Geometer’s Sketchpad.”  Peter Hilton, distinguished professor emeritus, SUNY and UCF, closed the conference as the third plenary speaker with the topic “Three little gems of number theory.”  FTYCMA had a well-attended workshop on the 20th with continued discussion concerning the structure of the bridge course to link prep courses to college-level courses.

Congratulations to Leonard Lipkin from University of North Florida on receiving the Distinguished Teaching Award and to Ken Pothoven from the University of South Florida on receiving the Distinguished Service Award.

Please congratulate our newly elected officers:

Stephanie Fitchett, Honors College, Florida Atlantic University, President-Elect
Li Zhou, Polk Community College, Vice-President-Elect for Programs
Guesna Dohrman, Tallahassee Community College, Vice-President-Elect for Site Selection
Daniel Jelsovsky, Florida Southern College, Coordinator of Student Activities

We had 180 paid registrations this year, with 108 people pre-registering.  Twelve people won $50 cash prizes in a drawing from the preregistrants.

Thanks go to Ben Fusaro for stepping in to develop a student program after the untimely death of Shrinivas Dalal.  Lubo Markov, Vice President for Programs, put together a varied program.  Lee Armstrong, local arrangements chair, and his committee including Lori Dunlop-Pyle, Patrick Higgins, Heath Martin and Ram Mohapatra, did a great job of scheduling our rooms and arranging food events.  Joe Skala organized the registration procedure and MAA book sales with help from John Waters and David Kerr and some of his students.

Thanks to all of the people who presented talks at our regional conference or at one of the local conferences.  Plans are already well underway for an exciting meeting next year, February 25th and 26th, 2005, at Manatee Community College’s Lakewood Ranch Campus.  Mark your calendar and make plans now.  Information will be available in the October newsletter.  If you want to plan far ahead, the following dates are scheduled for future meetings:  February 17-18, 2006, Honors College at Florida Atlantic University; February 16-17, 2007, Tallahassee Community College; February 15-16, 2008, Florida Southern College.

Encourage your fellow faculty to become active in the Florida Section of the MAA and of FTYCMA by attending our local conferences as well as the regional conference, submitting proposals for presentations, and possibly becoming an officer of one of the groups.

I look forward to seeing you again next year.


2004 Distinguished
Teaching Award

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

For the gratitude you have earned from a multitude of students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels;

For your clear and understandable way of presenting material so that regardless the topic, whether elementary mathematics, calculus, statistics or graduate-level differential equations, your students were always challenged by the rigor, depth and beauty of the mathematics yet to come;

For your successful work developing new courses in support of mathematics literacy, calculus reform, math for teachers and financial mathematics;

But, perhaps most of all, for your remarkable ability to draw out the highest levels of accomplishment and performance in your students,

The 2004 recipient
The Mathematical Association of America Award
for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
for the State of Florida

Leonard Lipkin

University of North Florida


2004 Distinguished
Service Award

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

For the initiative and professionalism you displayed in serving as the section’s Secretary/Treasurer from 2000 - 2003 and as the section’s Vice-president for Site Selection from 1997 - 1999;

For your successful work at the University of South Florida’s Center for Mathematical Services in coordinating, developing and conducting mathematical enrichment programs for local-area secondary school students;

But, most importantly, for your exemplary performance, spanning a period of three decades, in service to your faculty colleagues throughout the state,

The 2004 recipient
The Mathematical Association of America Award
for Distinguished Service to Mathematics
for the State of Florida

Ken Pothoven

University of South Florida


Executive Committee Meeting

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America
University of Central Florida
February 21, 2003

President Judy Jones called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  Lee Armstrong, Local Arrangements Committee; Pam Crawford, VP-elect-Programs and Acting Governor; Steph Fitchett, VP-Site Selection; Ben Fusaro, Coordinator of Student Activities; Scott Hochwald, President-elect; David Kerr, Past-president; Lubo Markov, VP-Programs; Bill Rush, Newsletter Editor; Joe Skala, Secretary/Treasurer; and John Waters, VP-elect-Site Selection were in attendance.

The minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting of April 26, 2003 were approved.


  1. Pam Crawford, reporting on behalf of our Governor, Marilyn Repsher who could not attend the meeting, read a statement from Marilyn which will be posted on the FL-MAA website in the May 2004 newsletter.  Two items of particular note were:
  1. The MAA’s work with AMATYC in the development of a new faculty development program entitled - Project Access.  This program is available to faculty at two-year institutions and is similar to Project NeXT.  Information about the program is available on the MAA website at http://www.maa.org or on the AMATYC website at http://www.amatyc.org.
  2. The upcoming centennial anniversary of the MAA.  The national office is preparing a display for this event and has asked sections to send material appropriate for the centennial celebration to Washington.
  1. Joe Skala gave the Secretary/Treasurer’s Report which indicated that the section has approximately $8,000 on balance.  Joe reported that the publishing companies had donated $1,325 this year to the section so that they could set up tables at the annual meeting.  Joe also reported that there were 120 “preregisters” for the meeting - over twice the number from the 2003 meeting.  Joe reported that the “$50 lottery prizes” were largely responsible for this high number of pre registrations and he recommended that we continue this raffle in the future.
  2. Bill Rush gave the Newsletter Editor’s Report which indicated that we continue to set new log-in records with our FL-MAA website.  February 2, 2004 marked the most hits on a single day - 230.  February 2004 set a new monthly record with 796 hits and, to date, there have been over 13,000 hits on the website.  Bill reported that there are 568 people on our FL-MAA listserv and he reiterated that May 10th is the deadline for the May 2004 newsletter.
  3. Scott Hochwald, President-elect, reported that the Central Region met on January 16th with 80 in attendance and that the Suncoast Region met on December 5 with 104 in attendance.  Scott reported that the First Coast Region is planning to meet in April 2004.
  4. Ben Fusaro gave the Coordinator of Student Activities Report in which he said that MAA national has grant money to host student mathematics conferences.  Embry-Riddle applied for one of these grants this year and will be hosting a meeting in March.  Ben proposed that the section subsidize undergraduate student attendance at the annual conference banquet and the Executive Committee endorsed this idea and approved a cost structure for the banquet regarding students of:

For undergraduate student presenters:  Free

For any undergraduate student:  $5.00

  1. Steph Fitchett gave the Vice-president for Site Selection Report wherein she confirmed our next annual meeting at Manatee Community College on February 25-26, 2005 and the 2006 meeting will be hosted by FAU Honors College in Jupiter on February 17-18 2006.
  2. Lubo Markov gave the Vice-president for Programs Report thanking everyone who was involved in the development of the program with special thanks to the speakers who volunteered to give presentations at the meeting.
  3. Lee Armstrong gave the Local Arrangements Committee Report indicating that “all was ready” for the annual meeting.  Lee expressed his gratitude to UCF faculty and staff Lori Dunlop-Pyle, Patrick Higgins, Heath Martin, Ram Mohapatra for their work in coordinating this meeting.  The Executive Committee extended its gratitude as well to Lee, Lori, Patrick, Heath, and Ram for all their hard work in support of the MAA.
  4. David Kerr gave the Nominating Committee’s Report which consisted of a slate of officers of:

Steph Fitchett, FAU Honors College - President-elect

Li Zhou, Polk Community College - Vice-president-elect for Programs

Guesna Dohrman, Tallahassee Community College - Vice-president-elect for Site Selection

Daniel Jelsovsky, Florida Southern College - Coordinator of Student Activities

  1. Debbie Garrison reported that FTYCMA will be hosting the national AMATYC meeting in November 2004 in Orlando.  Information on the meeting is available on the FL-MAA website, the FTYCMA website, or the AMATYC website.  Debbie also reported that FTYCMA is working on developing a state-wide curriculum for pre-college algebra courses.

Action Items:

  1. The Executive Committee assigned David Kerr to act as a liaison between the national office and the section archives to determine what kind of information should be sent to Washington in support of the centennial celebration.
  2. The Executive Committee formally approved the recommendation that the annual meeting dates be moved to the third weekend of February, whenever possible, so as to not conflict with Spring Break at some state institutions.
  3. President Judy Jones proposed that section funds be used to help cover travel expenses for section officers attending national MAA meetings when they are formally representing the section.  The Executive Committee approved this proposal.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am.


Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America
01/01/04 - 04/23/04

BALANCE ON HAND 01/01/04                                       $9,781.52
           Suntrust Bank Checking Account $9,781.52    
RECEIPTS - 2004 ANNUAL MEETING     $5,202.30
  Registration, Dinner, Luncheon $3,181.25    
  Publisher Contributions $1,325.00    
  MAA Book Sales $696.05    
EXPENSES - 2004 ANNUAL MEETING     $4,981.37
  Printing           $737.85    
  Preregistration Winners 12@$50 $600.00    
  MAA Book Sales $696.05    
  Awards $250.00    
  Food $2,550.00    
  Badge Holders $147.47    
  Suncoast (Net) $793.86    
  Suncoast (Printing) $86.56    
BALANCE ON HAND 04/23/04     $10,709.75
  Suntrust Bank Checking Account $10,709.75    
EARMARKED FUNDS     $1,769.92
  Exxon Program $250.59    
  Suncoast $1,435.33    
  Gold Coast $84.00    
TOTAL ASSETS     $8,939.83

Awards Committee

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

The Awards Committee is seeking recommendations for two awards to be given at the state meeting in 2005:


The Service Award to be given for outstanding service to the Florida Section


The Teaching Award to recognize distinguished college or university teaching

Send your nominations by Friday, October 15, 2004, to the Chair of the Awards Committee:

June White
St. Petersburg College

Past award recipients can be found at http://www.spcollege.edu/central/maa/archives/.

Nominating Committee

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

The Nominating Committee is soliciting nominations for the positions:




Vice-President-Elect for Programs


Vice-President-Elect for Site Selection

Please send names of any potential officers including your own if you are interested to the committee chair:

Judy Jones
Past President

Past officers can be found at http://www.spcollege.edu/central/maa/archives/.


Governor's Report

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

Marilyn Repsher

Since my term as Governor for Florida ends in June, 2004, I want first of all to thank the Florida Section and all its members for the privilege of representing you and your interests on the Board of Governors.

I am happy to tell you that the MAA is, as Treasurer John Kenelly put it, "growing, and growing in complexity."  Kenelly went on to say that the Association has "four 6’s:  $6 million in real estate, $6 million in grants, $6 million in endowment, and $6 million in investments."  The growth has required changes in accounting procedures.

The Carriage House has been turned into a Mathematical Sciences Conference Center, with a completion date of Winter 2005.  It will provide an excellent venue for all kinds of seminars and meetings in Washington, D.C.

The MAA will have its centennial in 2015, and an archivist from the University of Texas is setting up procedures for gathering information from all the sections with a view to publishing a volume on the history of the Association.  The Board of Governors recommends that each section gather, if they have not already done so, documents on the history of the section.  Our section has asked David Kerr to this project.

There is an excellent brochure available called "We Do Math!  Careers in the Mathematical Sciences."  There is room on the bottom of the front page to put your own institutional logo or other information.  It is available from the Bookstore at MAA Online.

Dues for student members will increase from $20 to $25 next year.  For this, they receive Focus and Math Horizons.  There will also be a small increase in regular membership dues.

A new SIGMAA for secondary school teachers has been formed.  They plan two workshops for teachers of AP calculus.

Project NExT suggests that, in this era of budget cuts in most institutions, that each section consider sponsoring a Project NExT fellow.

There is a new organization called Project ACCCESS.  It is an initiative for two-year college mathematics faculty funded by a three-year grant from ExxonMobil Foundation.  The project is jointly developed by MAA and AMATYC.  This is an exciting program for young faculty for whom 2004-2005 will be the first, second, or third year of a full-time renewable position in a two-year college.  The Florida Section has so many active members from the two-year colleges, so I hope that you will seek out candidates.  The application deadline is July 1, 2004.  More information is available at the MAA Web site.


Regional Meetings

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

Scott H. Hochwald

Three of the six regions reported having meetings this past year.  Those regions were Central Florida, Suncoast, and Firstcoast.  The Big Bend region, the Gold Coast region, and the West Florida region are looking for ways to reactivate their regional meetings.

Central Florida:

The Central Florida meeting was held on January 16, 2004 at Lake-Sumter Community College in Leesburg.  The meeting was organized by Scott Perkins.  Approximately 60 people attended the meeting.  The program consisted of two parallel sessions with about 4 talks in each session sandwiched by a Keynote Address given by James Lang of Valencia Community College and an Endnote Address given by Lee Armstrong of the University of Central Florida.  The institutions that partook of this regional mathematics meeting were:  Lake-Sumter Community College, Valencia Community College, Daytona Beach Community College, University of Central Florida, Indian River Community College, Polk Community College, Florida Southern College, Seminole Community College, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


The Suncoast meeting was held on December 5, 2003 at the Dale Mabry campus of Hillsborough Community College.  The meeting was organized by Tina Fujita and Barbara Duncan.  Approximately 80 instructors and 20 students attended the meeting.  Sixty-six of the attendees also had dinner together.  The program consisted of four sessions with four or five talks in each session.  The Plenary Session was given by John E. Whitlock of Hillsborough Community College.  The institutions that partook of this regional mathematics meeting were:  Hillsborough Community College, St. Petersburg College, Florida Southern College, Valencia Community College, University of South Florida, Polk Community College, Eckerd College, University of Tampa, Saint Leo University, Leto High School, Edison Community College, and Manatee Community College.


The Firstcoast meeting was held on March 27, 2004 at the University of North Florida.  The meeting was organized by Scott Hochwald.  Approximately 40 people attended the meeting.  The program consisted of two parallel sessions with about 4 talks in each session.  The concluding talk was given by Len Lipkin and Bill Caldwell.  The institutions that partook of this regional mathematics meeting were:  Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, Florida Community College Jacksonville, and Stanton High School.

Student Activities

Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America

The following five students presented at the 37th Annual Meeting at the University of Central Florida on February 20-21, 2004.


Shannon Jessie
Florida Atlantic University
Honors College

Can predator-prey models explain invasion dynamics?

Abstract:  The infamous brown tree snake invasion on Guam motivates our study of population models involving one predator and two prey species.  Starting with the standard (single-prey) Lotka-Volterra model, we add layers of complexity in an attempt to explain the invasion dynamics.


Ryan Wolf
Florida Atlantic University
Honors College

From leaky flow to free fall:  stimulating fluid drain

Abstract:  We present two computer simulations for draining a tank through an arbitrary-sized hole.  Macroscopically, we derive a nonlinear ODE from simple fluid physics and solve it numerically.  Microscopically, we model the fluid molecules as agents with simple behavior.  Our goal is to observe the macroscopic behavior in the microscopic model.


Ana Staninska
University of South Florida

Stochastic automata networks

Abstract:  In this presentation, we will survey the methods of Stochastic Automata Network (SAN).  These are used in the modeling of parallel and distributed computer systems, because of their compact way of representing the state transition matrix.  We will focus on the modeling and analysis of complex systems, the numerical issues and difficulties that are arising from the automata’s interactions.


Daniela Genova
University of South Florida

Models in Membrane Computing

Abstract:  Membrane systems are new models of computation inspired by basic properties of living cells.  A membrane system (P system) consists of hierarchical arrangement of regions equipped with multisets of objects and evolution rules.  We present the computation process in some variants of P systems along with examples and recent results.


Laura Lynch
Florida Atlantic University
Honors College

Factorability in the ring Z[ √-5 ]

Abstract:  The fundamental theorem of arithmetic says that any integer greater than 2 can be written uniquely as a product of primes.  This presentation will examine irreducibility (the analog of primality) in Z[ √-5 ], a ring in which unique factorization fails.

Eckerd College

Faculty News

Eduardo Fernandez will be at Stanford University this summer to conduct research on hall thrusters and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence at their Center for Turbulence Research.

Student News

Adam Schenck, a double-major in mathematics and computer science, is the 2004 recipient of the Meacham Mathematics Memorial Award - the M3 Award - for outstanding mathematical achievement.  Adam will begin his graduate studies in mathematical finance at the University of Chicago this fall.

Ivelin Georgiev, a double-major in mathematics and computer science, is the 2004 recipient of the Division of Natural Science's Service & Scholarship Award.  Ivelin was the sole recipient from all Eckerd seniors graduating in any of the natural sciences or mathematics.  To receive the award, the student must display strong academic achievement, significant service to the division, and garner over 2/3 votes from the natural sciences faculty.  Ivelin will begin his graduate studies in computer science at Dartmouth University this fall.

Cynthia Gangi, a double-major in mathematics and psychology, is the 2004 recipient of the Division of Behavioral Science's Outstanding Psychology Student Award.  Cynthia will start her graduate studies in psychology at UC Santa Barbara this fall.

Aaron O'Connell, a rising senior, double-majoring in mathematics and physics, has be accepted to the summer REU program at UC San Diego.

Andrea Apple, Ivelin Georgiev, and Aaron O'Connell were all inducted into the Florida Gamma chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon.

Manatee Community College

Gilbert K. French retired from the Manatee Community College on May 7, 2004.  He received a B.A. from Yale University; M.Ed., North Adams State College and A.M., Bowdoin College.  His devotion to education spans many years.

bullet1961-1981 - Pittsfield, MA Public Schools
bullet1981-1986 - Avon, Connecticut Public Schools (math, Latin, gifted)
bullet1988-1989 - Math Lab at MCC
bullet1989-2004 - Full-time Math faculty at MCC

Professor French received the NISOD award in 2000 and the FTYCMA award for outstanding teaching in 2002.  He coached a number of successful Math Olympics Teams for MCC and continues to play a key role in the annual grading of the AP Calculus exams.  Mr. French served on various committees including the Math Curriculum Committee and numerous search committees while at MCC.  He was an outstanding teacher and friend to all in the department and to many at the college.

St. Petersburg College

Jim Rutledge represented MERLOT (http://www.merlot.org) at the Reusable Learning Workshop conducted under the auspices of the National Science Digital Library in Washington, D.C. in May.  He also participated in the Mathematical Sciences Conference Group on Digital Educational Resources advisory board meeting.

Daryl Schrader will give two lectures at the Florida International Museum for their Hubble Space Telescope exhibit.  He was declared Astronomer Emeritus for his service over the last 25 years to the St. Petersburg Astronomy Club.  Professor Schrader was a featured speaker at the 2nd Annual Florida Conference for the Center for Inquiry in Tampa.  He has given several lectures at the Science Center of Pinellas county and Great Explorations.  He was also promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt in Karate.

University of South Florida

Jack R. Britton

Jack R. Britton, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of South Florida, passed away on January 23.  A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Professor Britton lived in Land O'Lakes since 1967.  Professor Britton graduated from Clark University with an A.B. in Mathematics, was salutatorian of his graduating class and a mathematics instructor at Worcester South High School in Worcester, Massachusetts, while a senior at Clark University.  Choosing the University of Colorado over Harvard so he could experience being away from home, he earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics and was promptly hired there.

While on a one year leave of absence, Dr Britton did R & D with the U.S. Rubber Company in Detroit, followed by nine months at the University of Michigan as an instructor in the U.S. Air Force Pre-Meteorology Program.  He returned to Colorado in 1943 as an Associate Professor of Mathematics, soon Professor of Mathematics, and eventually Chairman of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado.  He established a Ph.D. program and led the department into increased emphasis on mathematical research until his departure to become Chairman of the newly created University of West Florida in 1966.

On July 1, 1967, Professor Britton joined the University of South Florida.  He directed four doctoral dissertations, published several expository papers on operational calculus, two research papers on polynomial graphs and many nationally recognized textbooks in Calculus, University Mathematics, College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Liberal Arts Mathematics, and other areas.  He was a member of the University-wide Statistics Committee and served on many departmental committees.  His courses were enthusiastically taken by Engineering students, gaining praise from students and administrators alike.  In addition, Professor Britton established courses in Probability and Matrix Applications, as well as the still existing Mathematics Survey Course.

He is survived by his wife, Janie, three daughters, and many grandchildren.

Other News

The new interdisciplinary Statistics Institute is beginning to take shape.  With the guidance of Marcus McWaters, Kandethody Ramachandran, A.N.V Rao and Chris Tsokos, statistics is evolving into an independent program, separate from mathematics.  With the new found autonomy, comes new hires.  This year, Dr. George Yanev joined the program.  Welcome to the club, George!

In addition to keeping in touch with time, differential equations and mathematical physics, Wen-Xiu Ma is keeping in touch with his roots.  He became a member of the board of directors of Chinese American Association of Tampa Bay.  He also was hired as an editor of the "Far East Journal of Applied Mathematics."

Boris Shekhtman joined the editorial board of the new "Journal of Applied
Functional Analysis."

Ayako Ossowski replaced Jim Tremmel as a new Graduate Program Assistant.

In search of the greener postures Mary Ann left the department to work for "Student orientation" and came back.  Welcome back, Mary Ann.  We are glad to have you.

Mathematics in the Sun Retreat

The third annual Mathematics in the Sun Retreat will take place October 8-9, 2004, at Central Florida Community College in Ocala, Florida.  The focus this year will be on looking at implementation of the Developmental Mathematics Plan for Florida, including workshops that illustrate the teaching strategies and curriculum as recommended by Florida educators within the Plan, and discussion on appropriate assessment strategies.  We will also discuss possible funding needs.  For information, please contact the Retreat coordinator, Norma Agras (nagras@mdc.edu).

This is an annual event of the Florida Two Year College Mathematics Association.

Assessment should measure what is worth learning, not just what is easy to measure.  (Lynn Steen)

Norma M. Agras
Chairperson, Department of Mathematics
Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus
300 NE 2nd Avenue
Room 1540
Miami, FL  33132
Telephone:  (305) 237-3926
Department:  (305) 237-7461
Fax:  (305) 237-7652

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