The Session for New Colleagues

Our next Session for New Colleagues will be at our Spring 2017 meeting.

EPaDel continues to recruit new members to the organization, not for quantity sake but for the mutual benefit between junior faculty and EPaDel itself. The goal of the Session for New Colleagues is to provide new or recently hired faculty an opportunity to speak at the local EPaDel meetings. As a "welcome into the section", new colleagues will share information, both research and teaching ideas, and will be professionally recognized as "Invited Speakers". The Session for New Colleagues is designed as a means to give new colleagues a way to get involved and make some connections within our section.

Applications will be evaluated based on how appropriate the presentation will be for an MAA audience (general faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students) and on the uniqueness of the topic.

Those selected to be the Invited Speakers for the Session on New Colleagues will have their registration fee waived and their lunch paid for the Spring meeting. Please do not register for the conference until our selections have been made.

Here are the details:

  • Any faculty member in their first or second year of teaching is eligible to give a talk.
  • Talks should be 15 minutes in length.
  • The talks may focus on teaching or research.
  • The talks should be aimed toward a general audience. Hence they should not be highly technical. Preference will be given to talks that reach a wider audience.
  • The selection process will be completed and applicants will be notified one week after the application deadline.
  • Questions may be directed to Chris Catone (

Interested faculty members should apply by October 28, 2016 using our

New Colleague Talk Application Form