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Abstract for
Tina Straley's Talk

Title:  People, Programs, and Problems

Abstract:   The Mathematical Association of America is a member run organization that serves its members through active programs of peer reviewed journals, magazines, book publication, professional development, special interest groups, public policy, public perception and awareness, and special projects targeting specific issues.  All areas are thriving and growing.  The first half of this talk will highlight new and recent programs and products of the MAA.    The second half of the talk will focus on two interesting problems that appeared in the popular media.  These problems are both ill-stated, thus the solutions are not pre-determined.  Possible solutions require no more than college level mathematics and may be approached only using elementary mathematics or may be examined using more advanced techniques.    At the least the problems generate interesting conversations with colleagues and especially students and exemplify how interesting problems can be found in unsuspected places.  

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